Rare Show of Bipartisanship in Washington: Bill to Create Agency for Silly Walking

Rare Show of Bipartisanship in Washington: Bill to Create Agency for Silly Walking


In spite of their reputation for disagreement, Republican and Democratic Members of Congress have once again put politics aside and come together in a rare show of bipartisanship to pass legislation for the public good.  Speaker of the House (Rep.) John Boehner (R-OH) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) jointly announced their intent to introduce and pass legislation creating the Agency for Silly Walking (ASW) when Congress reconvenes after its break.

The ASW is inspired by a similar governmental program in the United Kingdom and is designed to assist persons with silly unnatural walking needs in assimilating into society.  The funding for the program comes from the savings earned by eliminating the House Page Program (see Boehner Axes House Pages).  A tearful Speaker Boehner announced:

“This is a forward thinking program to help the least vulnerable members of our community reintegrate into society.  It will end up also saving the taxpayers millions of dollars that we would have otherwise had to spend on needless transportation costs.” Senator Reid concurred “Yes, this is another positive example of  cold-hearted Republicans following my lead and creating  a worthwhile government program to assist the most helpless in our communities.  This agency will serve to enable those whose only disability is their inability to procure unnecessary  government funding prevents them from getting  the taxpayer funded handouts help they desperately need. I look forward to seeing the ASW live up to its full potential.”


Included below is a British public service ad extolling the virtues of their Ministry level program:

Editor’s Note: We would like to bring to the reader’s attention that this article in no way references programs relating to actual handicaps, physical disabilities and the like. We apologize if anyone misconstrued the content or intent of this article. ~ KO