The ABC’s of Obamics (formerly Obamanomics)

NOTE: Keep in mind – THIS IS SATIRE :)(read my introduction post for background) 


The ABC’s of Obamics (formerly Obamanomics)


In an effort to assist the reader in better understanding the somewhat complex nature of economic policy, we have compiled a short yet comprehensive list outlining President Obama’s economic philosophy.

*Note:  While this list primarily relates to the President’s policies, it also broadly encompasses the prevailing Congressional economic vision.


  • A is for Absurd.  As in it is absurd to think we will ever repay all that money.
  • B is for Bile. The thing heaped onto the people whenever politicians pretend to be statesmen.
  • C is for Cash. Something you won’t have when this is over.
  • D is for Default. That thing we will really do in a few years.
  • E is for Easy. See how easy it is to spend $14.5T
  • F is for Forgiveness. What we will be asking for (see D) from China.
  • G is for Gold. What you should be converting your dollars into ASAP. (see C)
  • H is for Home. The hovel dwelling you are still lucky to have (if you still have it).
  • I is for IRS. Soon to be your new best friend. (see N & T)
  • J is for Joke. “Like did you hear the one about the man that was $14.5T in debt…”
  • K is for Kilimanjaro. What the Mountain of Debt will be like if we are still around when our grandchildren are grown.
  • L is for Layoffs. The new reality in Obamics.
  • M is for Madness. (See A-Z; Possibly excluding P)
  • N is for New. As in, how do you like all the NEW TAXES. (See T)
  • O is for Obamics (formerly Obamanomics) The lesson in how not to turn recession into recovery.
  • P is for Presidential Election. Your opportunity to reverse (see A-O, Q-Z)
  • Q is for Quixotic. The act of trying to make politicians live within their means, not yours.
  • R is for Runaway. Used in conjunction with (see S).
  • S is for Spending. Combined with (see R). As in, how do you like the RUNAWAY SPENDING?
  • T is for Taxes. Combined with (see N) you get (see I). The WAVE of the future.
  • U is for Unbelievable. (See R & S). Also used in vulgar slang. As in, the “UFB” Runaway spending….(abbreviated due to Editorial Guidelines)
  • V is for Vacation. As in, when is the President not on vacation?
  • W is for W. Everyone knows its all W’s fault anyway.
  • X is for Exchange. (See G)
  • Y is for Yes-men. What politicians surround themselves with…
  • Z is for Zero. (See C)


If you believe something is missing though, please send us feedback on the appropriate corrections.


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