An Introduction

First off, I want to thank EVERYONE for their time, patience and understanding.  This is my very first foray into blogging… though I have been involved in politics and political campaigns since I was a TAR in high school.  Needless to say my view on politics, parties, ideology and so on has changed dramatically in the past 15 years.

In any event, I absolutely love issues (not politics so much… or should i say what it’s become).  I also love humor.   Life is after all way too short to always be serious… besides, why should liberal late night hosts be the only ones who get to laugh at the other side  or make fun of the absurdities our politicians and the MSM shovel to the masses every day?

So, thirdrailer is an attempt to clear the trees for the forest and paint (primarily for the non-political minds) a picture people can understand.   It’s done with hopefully a little satire and wit. Keep in mind that 90% of the articles are fictional… it’s satire. The irony there?  A fictional retelling of the fiction heaped onto the sheeples (love that word) every day by liberal politicians, hacks posing as reporters and the entertainment industry.  So, would two fictionals make a non-fictional?  Hmmm..  Anyway, please keep that in mind when reading ANY of my articles.  Maybe I should come up with a sign when I post “real news.”  Not sure what real news is anyway anymore.

Anyway, THANK YOU for your feedback & understanding.  Look forward to sharing with you in the great Conservative leap forward.






It has come to our attention that some people mistake “us” for a credible news source.  Not sure what makes a credible news source these days but rest assured, we are not.  90% of what we “print” here is satire…it’s not meant to be taken literally.  Of course, we know how hard it is to tell real news from fake these days so maybe there’s a lesson in that.  Our primary purpose is to help you to learn to sift through all the nonsense you hear every day from the media, politicians, entertainers and everyone else with an agenda.  (I guess that would include us too.)  But do so in a light-heated and fun way.  Teachable moment:  Don’t believe everything you see or hear.  We hope you enjoy the way we’ve put it together though and have a lot of other surprises planned for you. So please stay tuned.

The section labeled MSM is the only 100% unfiltered/unaltered news source at ThirdRailers.com.  Every story (even original stories by our staff) appearing there is “raw” news.