White House Defends Poll Numbers: Claim Bush’s Numbers Can Be Beaten

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White House Defends Poll Numbers: Claim Bush’s Numbers Can Be Beaten

Washington, DC

Over the weekend the White House forcefully pushed back against rumors that President Obama’s poll numbers could not possibly sink lower than match his predecessor’s in the closing days of the Bush Administration.  Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters “It is a well known fact that all of this country’s troubles are a result of the previous Administration’s failed policies has left us in the position we are in. That said, the President is committed to cleaning up that mess and getting Americans back to work.  Regarding the poll numbers – the President will make a speech later in the week on the subject but I…. I am sure that you will see that we are expecting to…  that we will in fact exceed the previous Administration’s poll numbers sometime near year’s end.  You also will find…if you calculate that out, that’s somewhere in the vicinity of 4 1/2 years better than President Bush’s performance.”

Carney continued to defend the President’s poll numbers and reiterated that “…this mess wasn’t created in a day and it will not go away in one term day.  We have already accomplished so much and are confident that the American people will respond accordingly when they find out discover how we spent trillions of dollars and got nothing in return the extent of this Administration’s efforts to making their lives better.”

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