West Wing Q & A

A Day in the Life

As part of our ongoing coverage of the WH under the 44th POTUS: We recently sat down with a high ranking Administration Official to discuss the President’s apparent messaging problem.  In an effort to maintain the official’s candor, we have agreed to conceal his identity.  Below is a partial transcript of the interview. TR (ThirdRailers):  Thank you so very much for taking time to meet with us today.  We understand that you are extremely busy and are grateful that you could spare time away from the links to help our readers understand the challenges this Administration faces. BIRDIE44 (Anonymous WH Official):  Let me be perfectly clear –  it’s my pleasure to talk with you today and to help people see the light. TR:  Again, thank you.  To start, I think what most people want to know is how hard is it to be the smartest man in the room? BIRDIE44:  Well, thank you for that. And you know, ummmm. yeah, well, ummm it is very challenging being the smartest guy in the room.  People expect you to know, like everything. They think that because you went to an Ivy league school that you’re like God or something.  And once the people on the bandwagon start drinking the kool-aid, forget it… TR: Well, I can certainly appreciate that.  What do you think is the single most pressing issue facing both this Administration and the country in general? Birdie44:  Umm… well, you know I have always said that the President’s re-election is vitally important to the transformational change going on in America.  I would say the greatest challenge is enabling people to get past the $14.5 trillion in debt, past the $1.5 – $2.5 trillion budget shortfalls each year and see the big picture. TR:  And what is the big picture? Birdie44:  You always have good questions.  The big picture is Hope. It’s Change. It’s making this great country into something greater than itself. TR:  Well, sir…  that is a picture.  I know you have to go, but I’d like to close this interview by asking: What do you think of the President? Birdie: (chuckles)…  I think he’s a nice guy. Believes in what he’s doing.  And he’s got a great smile. TR:  Well, thank you again for your time.  We hope that the back 9 is better than the front.  Good luck. Birdie44: (smiles) Remember to vote the Big O in 2012!

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