Obama: What We Need is Confrontation

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Obama: What We Need is Confrontation

President Barack Obama today outlined a broad strategy designed to put pressure on Republicans in the upcoming Congressional Super Committee meetings.

“Now is not the time for compromise. It’s not time to give way on what’s important. It’s not time to let Americans suffer while billionaires in private planes avoid paying their fair share.  No, now is the time for a little confrontation.  The Republicans, and especially their hostage taking members in the House seem to think that because they caved faced reality in the debt limit fight negotiations that was the end of it.  Let me be perfectly clear, the message of Hope and Change we brought with us in 2008 was not going to be cheap or easy.  And the massive debt investments we’ve accumulated made in the past three years is but a down payment on the promises of transformational change we made.”

Asked what the Democrats planned to do to gain an advantage in the evenly divided Committee the President reiterated “As I’ve said before, defense is vital to our national interest and also that of the few our allies we have left in the world that actually trust us.  And I do not believe that the clingers American people will be very happy when they learn through our demagoguery that Republicans would rather starve our men and women in harm’s way jeopardize our security than make billionaires share in our nation’s sacrifices.”

On the issue of spending cuts and whether he thought the Committee would try to live within its means balance the budget through fiscal discipline, Obama emphasized “Well, I’m sure that when two of the Republicans surrender compromise on taxes revenue enhancement measures they will also announce a imaginary balanced regimen of spending cuts phased over a fiscally responsible period never.  The entitled classes American people will absolutely not tolerate the restructuring gutting of this bankrupt great country’s social safety net .”

The President outlined his proposal broadly and assured skeptical members of the Amen Corner press corps that he would provide his plan in writing sometime in the near future and that another speech on the subject would be forthcoming.

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