Obama: “Spreading What’s Left of the Wealth Around” Bus Tour 2011

NOTE: Keep in mind – THIS IS SATIRE 🙂

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Obama: “Spreading What’s Left of the Wealth Around” Bus Tour 2011






Washington, D.C. –

President Obama’s planned campaign bus tour across the industrial Midwest will be rolling down a street near you in a few days.  Though the itinerary has yet to be released, the President’s advisers are excited about the prospects of reaching out to the masses of striking union members Americans effected by temporary employment displacement. Jay Carney, the President’s Press Secretary told reporters “We are committed to reaching out to members of the community in a way that both respects their needs for communication with the President and his needs for campaign funds.”

Some controversy has arisen though due to the fact that the campaign tour will be taxpayer funded,  Carney told a skeptical White House Press Corps “No, really – this is about the people. I know the bus appears to have been wrapped with Obama 2012 logos and campaign slogans but that is part of our commitment to going green. Why wrap it now with a generic Presidential symbol and then have to re-wrap it for the general election.?  Think of the unnecessary damage to the environment.”

One anonymous staffer told us that “The bus is one mean ride.” It surely is an impressive “ride.” We hope that the motorists and passersby who are fortunate enough to be on the road when it rolls though their town enjoy the experience enough to forget the traffic tie ups resulting from road closures.

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