A Chance to make a difference


That is where the great SS America is currently steaming at full speed as our leaders representatives shovel more and more of our money into the fiery furnace of government waste. And as we sail into the icy waters of insolvency we are reassured by Captain Beltway, that “we have nothing to fear. This is the biggest, finest ship on the sea.” Meanwhile, the crew is feverishly rearranging the deck chairs all the while blaming the previous ship’s owners for the poor state of the lifeboats.

Faced with leaks below, icebergs a head and a dangerous list to port: the best the greatest wasters of other people’s money can do is throw away even more money. But no worries, they promise to save it all back and then some by spending even more money in the future. Meanwhile, everyone including the markets knows where the ship of state is headed – everyone except for the financiers of fiscal insanity in DC.  There comes a crisis point in every generation when the excuses, political masquerades and shell-games have to end and people put the good of the nation a head of their own limited parochial interests. We have reached that point.

So, with a combination of humor, insightful commentary & action we will expose the hollowness of the excuses, shed some light on the endless supply of disinformation and talk about the solutions that politicians are too afraid to talk about.


This is a new endeavor. I hope that as it grows so too will you. Together, we can both make an impact for the better on the future of our country. So, whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green, Independent or other – take the opportunity to let your voice be heard.


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