Who's a better rold model? Tiger Woods or Barack Obama?

Okay, we have two men. Both are successful. Both married. Both have kids.

One man thinks he can get away with anything. The other man knows he can’t.
One man uses words to make people believe in him. The other man says only his actions will make people believe in him.
One man believes he is a healer. The other knows he has caused a lot of pain.
One man doesn’t understand why people are critical of him. The other knows the whole world has reason to be critical.
One man believes he has no shortcomings. The other man has sought out help to overcome his.
One man wants to make a whole new set of rules. The other wants to be held accountable to the old rules.
One man tries to cover up his past. The other tried, got caught, owned up to it, and sincerely vowed to change his ways.
One man blames everything on his predecessor. The other blames only himself.

I don’t know about you, but there’s only one guy I can’t point to and tell my kids, “See him? That’s a man.”

Good luck, Tiger.