The First American Idol President

Unlikely, inexperienced, but nice-looking guy from obscurity steps up to the microphone, belts out a soulful a cappella rendition of something from the ‘60s, and the female judge melts. The black guy bobs his head with the tune and smiles. Even the caustic and pompous Brit is charmed and instantly hailing the contestant as one of the few yanks who actually gets it.

And while it makes for good ratings in the “reality”-based wasteland that is today’s TV fare, we’re learning very quickly it’s one helluva bad way to elect a president. Even if you disagree with my assessment of his performance thus far, the fact remains that Barack Obama truly is the first American Idol President. He even managed to preempt the original version of the show one night (probably the only one who could ever pull that off).

Unfortunately, the implications of such a phenomenon will be far more difficult to lose than the singer himself–certainly more difficult to dispatch than the billions of dollars of wealth that have continued to disappear since he took the stage.

The fact we knew nothing about him as he worked his way effortlessly through the process made him all the more appealing. That smile. The well-spoken smoothness. He was of today, while taking us back and reminding us of that other young guy from so long ago.

Next to that old curmudgeon he was up against, he sparkled. Sure the old fart had a compelling story about all those years in a Vietnam prison camp thing, but…Vietnam? Are you kidding? We didn’t even have wireless then. That crap doesn’t sell on TV anymore. Hell, he wasn’t even raised by a single mom.

So in the end, of course, we all had a pretty good idea what would happen, but watched anyway as the female judge teared up, the proud black guy gave him 9-plus out of ten and the across the pond type was now not nearly so condescending.

The newest American Idol rose to his anointed place in the season finale, January 20th, 12 Eastern, 11 Central and all swooned or at the very least Tivoed it. The Nielsen’s came in and were off the chart.

Only bad thing was, it was over.

Well, no, not literally over, sure, there’s that whole four-years thing, that’s true– but the fun part was over. You know, like in the “wow that was awesome sex, but gee it’s kind of a drag though about all that nine-months business.” Still, at least we had the Super Bowl to look forward to and “that old Springsteen dude, he can still kinda bring it, can’t he? “He’s such a DILF.”

Then again, looking back at all the different seasons of American Idol, each with a different winner, you do begin to see a bit of a pattern.

The idol-ness doesn’t last too long.

Oh sure, People will keep up with ‘em for a while and US and OK! will fill you in on the home life and pets, but…well…this is TV and we get tired of things. They just go away eventually ‘til Ryan Seacrest does one of those “Where are the Brady Kids Now?” kinda things and we can catch up then.

Can’t we?

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