A liberal love letter

I read an article today in the San Francisco Chronicle. It was written by a featherbrain named Mark Morford. Actually, it’s a love letter about Obama. And it is astonishing. Really. This guy needs a drool bucket. He is the perfect example of an unthinking, liberal worker bee who can’t see what’s happening to his retirement account or his country because, well, love is blind.
Here are some excerpts from the article:
Do you allow yourself, even now, to feel any sort of ongoing, relieved, merciful joy that Barack Obama actually is sitting in the Big Chair in the White House? That this elegant, articulate, Zen-like man whose integrity is rock-solid and whose ideas, while certainly not in perfect alignment with every ultra-lefty vision on the planet (clean coal? Please), are astonishingly ambitious and brave, is leading this nation during one of the worst economic times in its short and paroxysmal history? 
Yes, someone actually wrote those words. I didn’t make any of it up. I couldn’t. It literally sounds like one of the apostles describing Jesus. It makes me want to hurl.
But wait. There’s more:
The good news is, the Obamafied bliss is still out there, still swirling, still waiting to be supped like a fine digestif. At any given moment you can, if you so choose, pause in whatever it is you’re suffering from and hear that voice and see his visage or perhaps merely hear some pundit say the words “President Obama” out loud, and you can still enjoy that delicious chill, that little jolt that says, “Oh my God, did we really do it? Is that lucid, impeccably centered man really the leader of the free world?” 
I’m ralphing right now.

While I clean myself up a bit, let’s press on with the article:
You can even take it a tiny step further. You can, as I recently did, glance up at the screen during Obama’s congressional address and see not only a young, composed, African American president speaking to the populace in more thoughtful, articulate language than we’ve heard in a decade, but also note that he happens to be surrounded by a female Speaker of the House and a female Secretary of State and a smart, funny VP who, refreshingly, is not a sneering warmongering torture fanatic who enjoys sucking the blood from live baby sharks. I mean, good Lord, what sort of astonishing snapshot is this? Two strong, powerful women and a deeply graceful black president? What country is this again? So then, the wistful Obama swoon? Still right there. Still accessible. Still agreeably valid. This is the good news. 
See what’s going on here? Blind faith and adoration, yes. But look at what this guy thinks is really important: skin color, sex, smooth delivery of words, posture. Ideas and policies are of little significance. Useful idiot, indeed.

This seems to be the bottom line, at least for now. We have, for the first time in just about forever, an enormously ambitious, confident, risk-taking president so full of grand and even borderline radical ideas they barely fit into a single generation, much less a single speech, and we have him at a time when we need, well, someone exactly like that. That he just so happens to be tremendously intelligent, progressive, serene as an oak tree and utterly magnetizing? I guess you just call that a bonus.
Serene as an oak tree? Did he just write that?

Notice there is no thought given to Obama’s ideas. He acknowledges they are there. But there is no analysis. No examination of the possible repercussions. Just slobber.
What a naive, ignorant person. 

Sadly, there are millions like him.

What are we going to do?
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