Signs of taxpayer revolution

It’s amazing how things have changed in this country. We have a Marxist in the White House. And the protestors in the streets are normal, taxpaying patriots (instead of the usual grab bag of stringy-haired leftist whack jobs).

Big Media won’t report it. But Michelle Malkin will. People in Denver, Mesa, Seattle, and elsewhere are fuming over Obama’s big government attack on achievers. These informed Americans are continuing to organize protests all over the country.
Some of these patriot protestors have come up with terrific messages to put on their signs:“Give me liberty or at least a big screen TV”, “Stimulate the economy – give me a tummy tuck”, “Free beer for my horses”. That’s good stuff.
This inspired me to toss around a few ideas for my own protest signs. Feel free to use these messages on your protest signs too. They’re free, just like money from Obama:
See what happens when the gullible vote?

Emancipate the taxpayers.

Sharpen your pitchforks.

Obama didn’t hypnotize me.

Pretty words. Ugly intentions.

Stimulate this.

Fed up with the fed.

40 acres, a two-story house, and a pool?

Don’t hate me because I’m a taxpayer.

I’m a loser. Where’s my check?

The government is going to fix things? Oh please.

Keep the change.

Karl Marx is loving this.

Open your eyes, America

Red, White, and Fooled.

Founding Fathers. Big Brother. Pick one.

Obama = Lincoln (Cross out “Lincoln” and write “Lenin”)

Hey, America. Told you so.

Obama didn’t read the “stimulus” or the Constitution.

Worst president ever. Already. (The “o” would be Obama’s chilling circular logo)

Orwell was right. (Same thing with the “o”)


Obama – making Bush look really good right now.

Gimme Gimme Gimme

Obamanomics = Marxism

Responsibility? What’s that?
Go to michellemalkin.com to find out if a rally is scheduled for your city. Make your signs. Make the evening news. Make a difference.