Wow. I thought I was angry.

I was driving down Central Expressway in Dallas the other day when something caught my eye. It was a pickup truck in the center lane going about 20 mph slower than everyone else. The guy behind the wheel looked normal (then again, so did Jeffrey Dahmer). Written on the back windows of the truck in large letters was this:
GOD [email protected]#*M AMERICA
I’m not sure what to make of this. It’s quite a teaser. I think if I were to write something on the back of my car, I’d make sure my message was clear. You know, something like “Go Bulldogs”. If you’re going to protest, don’t do it in riddles.
Let me take a stab at deciphering this guy’s message. I’ll go line by line.
21st century slavery: It’s a wild guess, but I’m thinking this is a reference to the federal government making its citizens slaves to the state.
IQ 92: I have no idea. Sorry, I went to public schools.
God [email protected]*#m America: Obviously, a reference to Obama’s little buddy Jerry “Amerikkka” Wright.
Putting it all together, I guess it means that, because of his anti-American ideology that’s grown and festered over the past few decades, Obama is making all the morons in this country a slave to the government.
Hmmm. Maybe the message made sense after all.
See the photo on my blog: http://letsthinkaboutthat.blogspot.com