A conservative activist is born.

“C’mon, dude! Lay off Obama. Why can’t you just give the guy a chance?”

A lot of people ask me why I’m so hard on Barack Obama. One minute I’m just a regular guy minding my own business, working hard, and trying to support my family. Then this Obama tidal wave comes along. Next thing you know, regular-guy me is incredulous, full of despair, and downright angry. I’ve even started a ‘crazy right-wing’ blog. I’ve become one of a strange new emerging breed: the conservative activist.

So back to the question. Why?

I can’t say it any clearer than this: I’m all up in Barack Obama’s face because he is a Socialist. “Here we go. Another right-wing nut job calling Obama a Socialist.” Well, what am I supposed to call him? A bowl of chili? I have news for you. If you can honestly and objectively look at Obama’s past and say he isn’t a Socialist, then you’re the nut job. Now, instead of rolling your eyes at that last sentence, why don’t you take just a few minutes and see if this ‘Socialist thing’ is true? It’s not difficult. Just google these: Obama Saul Alinsky, Obama rules for radicals, Obama Frank Marshall Davis, Obama marxist professors, Obama redistribution of wealth, Obama Wright, Obama Ayers, Obama socialist conferences, and Obama communist party USA. The list goes on. I realize you can read a lot of crazy stuff on the internet. So google those things and read any ‘reputable’ source you like. Then, if you can add two plus two, and you’re honest with yourself, it’s easy to see why I along with tens of millions of informed citizens are convinced Obama is a Socialist. And if a Socialist in the White House with a cult-like following doesn’t give rise to conservative activism, what will? 

Another reason I’ve become an ‘Obama basher?’ (By the way, I don’t consider exposing the truth ‘bashing.’ More on this later.) Conservatives nowadays need all the help they can get. Not because of their ideas, mind you. It’s just that with each passing election, it’s become as plain as day that conservatives have two foes: the Democrat on the ticket and Big Media. Let’s face it; John McCain was hardly a conservative and thus a very weak candidate. Still, I think Obama was beatable. But McCain couldn’t defeat both Obama AND the media, who constantly left the public either misinformed or uninformed about who Obama really was. Even the most ardent liberal cannot deny the media bias in this election was overwhelmingly in favor of Obama. It’s clear that conservatives have an uphill battle on their hands. I intend to get behind the real conservatives and start pushing. Hard. And part of supporting real conservative candidates is exposing the decidedly anti-conservative agenda of Barack Obama.

Okay, let’s talk about George Bush. I can’t tell you how sick to death I am after eight long years of George Bush stole the election, George Bush is a traitor, George Bush is Hitler, George Bush is an idiot, George Bush trampled on the Constitution, George Bush has created a theocracy, George Bush caused New Orleans’ levees to break, George Bush made the world hate us, George Bush made the economy collapse, George Bush hates black people, George Bush lied so people died, George Bush traded blood for oil, George Bush and his greedy oil buddies caused gas prices to skyrocket, and on and on and on and on. From obscene bumper stickers to late night comedy shows to the obviously skewed ‘news’ outlets, the criticism of George Bush was relentless. I know George Bush isn’t perfect. None of us are (except, we’re led to believe, Barack Obama). In fact, I personally hated Bush’s positions on illegal immigration, all the bailout nonsense, and a bunch of other issues. But no president has been dealt a worse hand than Bush. And I think he played his hand with honesty and integrity. And he simply didn’t deserve the skewering he got from the Left for the last eight years. To me, one of Bush’s biggest mistakes was not defending himself. Ever. In one sense, you have to admire that. But I think this is what ultimately made the lies about him seem more credible. Bush simply didn’t want to get into the gutter with his opponents. He just wouldn’t do it. Well, guess what? Eight years of liberals spitting on George Bush is about to come right back at ’em. If you’re going to spit, don’t do it into the wind. This sounds like vengeance, but I assure you it isn’t. (I’ve learned that revenge is never good.) What I’m talking about is having a relentless zeal for taking on your opposition. The difference is, I’m not going to lie about Obama or the Democrats. I’m only going to deal in the power of the truth. That’s all I need. And I’m going to do it with some serious gusto. If this upsets you, well, in the words of Colonel Nathan Jessep, “You can’t handle the truth.”

The final reason I’ve become a conservative activist can be summed up thusly: duty. I just can’t sit on my duff any more while the country circles the drain. I want to be able to say, “Well, at least I tried.” I want to leave this place in better shape than I found it.  You know, there’s a very good reason most conservative people aren’t politically active. They’re too busy working, raising a family, trying to be good and decent people. “Leave all that political activism to the weirdos. Nobody listens to them.” Right? Not any more. That’s all changed now. I believe it was Jesse Jackson who said, “An organized minority is a political majority.” I think we’re now seeing the wisdom of those words. Big time. So I’m falling in line behind the ranks of conservatives, who I still believe make up the majority of Americans. Those of us who haven’t been mesmerized by Barack Obama agree on so many of the same issues. Enough with the socialism. Enough with the political correctness. Enough with the multiculturalism. Enough with the growth of government bureaucracy. Enough with the curbing of freedom. Enough with the hyphenated Americanism. Enough with the lies. Enough with failed ideologies. Enough of NOT learning from history.

Lay off Obama? Sorry, but as a liberal friend of mine recently said, “Be true to your voice. Always demand to be heard.”
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