The Way I See Things: Three Months Later

Hello everyone, glad to be back on RS. I’ve spent the past three months playing football for Roncalli High School in Indianapolis, Indiana. I had a good season and I hope now to post more often, even though wrestling starts soon as well. Anyway, enough with the introductions.

Three months ago, I wrote about two core methods that I believe President Obama and the left are using to trick the American people: Perception and Deception. Funny rhyme, huh? Well it remains unchanged. With the health reform bill slithering its way through congress, the left wing machine is more active than ever. Nancy Pelosi and her colleagues continue to flat out lie to the American people about the 1,990 page bill that is being shoved down the throats of Americans. For example, page 110 of HR 3962 creates a program for the funding of abortion via government dollars. stating: “…The services described in this subparagraph are abortions for which the expenditure of Federal funds for the Department of Health Services is permitted…” In regular language, it creates a system of Federal-funded abortions. How, then, did our esteemed leader have the gall to say “One more misunderstanding I want to clear up — under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions” To say this lie to a crowd of supporters is one thing, but to be completely dishonest with the Americans our president serves is morally reprehensible.

However, one thing that has changed from August is that the facade of a government that can be trusted and can spend unchecked is starting to crack. Americans are realizing that during last year’s election, they were deceived by a man who spoke articulately and promised not only action, but results. We have seen this action and we are beginning to see the results, though they may not be what President Obama intended. People are starting to realize that they were, and still are, deceived by a man who favors reelection over the fate of the country he leads. The Real Clear Politics average of Obama’s approval rating is still hovering around 52 percent, down 10 points from the summer. The more Obama talks, the less America buys into what he is saying. President Obama and his cronies in Congress remain in full campaign mode, saying and doing anything necessary to get reelected. All the while, they forget the very people who voted for them and their wishes. This, I believe, will result in a very different congress being sworn in after the 2010 elections.

Though public favor has been significantly altered, President Obama still remains a major threat to the future of this nation. The agenda of progressives will cripple the economy, punish wealth, and ship jobs overseas through higher taxes, cap and trade, regulation of pay, controlling of banks, etc. Obama will stop at nothing to ensure that his will, not that of the American people, be done. Conservatives must have a similar attitude towards our representatives. Call and let them know that they represent the interests of their district, not their own grandiose personal agenda. Granted, you don’t necessarily represent the interests of your district, either, but in doing this, at least your voice will be heard. Until election day 2010, all we can do is voice our displeasure. It will have to suffice.