The Way I See Things: A Teenager's View on Today's Predicaments

The way I see things, our nation is on the verge of bankruptcy. The national debt is over 11 trillion dollars, the deficit is over a trillion, and we are printing more and more money as the GDP sinks. Why, then, do our representatives in Washington, including our president, insist that “the worst is over?”  Well, there are two parts to this answer:

A): Perception. Many in Washington believe that, because of legislation passed, government has caused the economy to turn for the better. To believe this requires an air of narcissism because politicians believe that only they, and in turn only government itself, can fix the economy. This notion is entirely false, for the only thing that can fix the economy is the private sector in conjunction with government. The job of the government is to promote growth and to defend the Constitution.

B): Deception. As lachrymose as it sounds, our president, Barack Obama, is deceiving this nation. He continues to say anything and everything he needs to get reelected. In this sense, President Obama, along with his cronies in Congress, are in ‘campaign mode.’ Elected officials are not elected for the sole purpose of getting reelected by their constituents. They are elected to serve the people of their district, state, and, ultimately, their nation. This type of venality has no place in the United States of America.

That said, many liberals reading this would question the legitimacy of these accusations. Many Americans are reluctant to believe that their politicians are flat-out lying to them. Indeed, many liberals in Congress are not being dishonest to their constituents, per se, they are stretching the truth about the results of government programs like the Stimulus Bill, the Energy Bill, and now, National Healthcare.

We are supposed to believe that these things will “revive the economy,” although we were never given a clear indication as to how nearly 6 trillion dollars in government spending will help revive an American economy that is riddled with debt to China and other countries. In all this spending, President Obama has forgotten about one part of the economy that makes things work better than any government: the private sector. Ever since the birth of this country, the private sector has been the vibrant force, and the heavy anchor, to the economy. The unemployment rate is continuing to climb, even with the stimulus package that was supposed to create or save 3.5 million jobs. It will continue to increase unless this healthcare reform is stopped.

Our country faces daunting tasks, and an even more daunting future ahead of her. The things that have been proposed and passed threaten the very principle from which our economy is based: Capitalism. To regulate the cost of services or to regulate the salary certain people receive or even to fire the CEO of a private company forebodes an ominous future in our country. We must ensure this does not happen to our nation.