An Open Letter to Governor Mark Sanford

Dear Governor Sanford,

When I heard news of your affair on television a few hours ago, I was, like so many of your constituents, shocked and appalled. You have not only endangered your own political future, but you have also tarnished the name of the Republican Party. You should be ashamed of your unfaithfulness, lying, and most importantly, your sin against God.What you were thinking, I do not know, but you clearly did not learn anything from the exploits of people like Bill Clinton and John Ensign. You were the chairman of the Republican Governors Association! This position, along with any other job of public service, carries with it some standards, one of which is remaining faithful to the woman you are married to.

That said, I also feel empathy for your situation, though it was brought on by your actions and your actions alone. Though the media may make your life more difficult than it already is, you knew what you were getting into. I feel empathy for your family, especially your children, who have to endure the media circus that will intrude upon their lives and the lives of your friends. This sort of thing should not happen to anyone, especially someone with children. I have seen the hate and vitriol spewed from your rivals. This sort of indecency is unacceptable and will only diminish the reputations of those on the left.

You must remember your wife, Governor; the one person in the world you took a vow to stay faithful to, for better or worse, for richer or poor, for health or for sickness. She is the one person that God set on this earth for you to love deeply and sincerely with all your heart, soul, and body. I sincerely hope that both of you make amends both to preserve your marriage and to preserve your relationship with your four boys. Only then can you continue to lead an honest lifestyle. If you are truly, and I mean truly, sorry, God will forgive you. As I have said, He is the only one that matters.

To close my letter, governor, I would like to talk about your future. Not just your political future, but your marriage as well. Do not listen to the people that say you should never enter the realm of public policy  again; these are the same people that parade around Bill Clinton at fundraisers. Do not listen to the people that doubt your marriage will continue, for these people don’t know what you are going through, and hopefully they never will. Don’t let the rear echelon dictate your future. Spend some time alone and with your wife to reflect and then decide your future, both political and marital. If you read this, Governor, I hope you will consider this advice.



P.S. To all on RedState, this is my first real post, so go easy on me.