Obama promises "...full weight of justice..." for Boston bombers. So What?

Part of the laws that are being debated in Congress regarding guns have to do with more stringent laws and penalties for “Straw buyers” of guns. That’s where someone goes into a gun store, buys a gun (or guns), then leaves the gun store, and sells the gun to someone else, who usually couldn’t pass a background check.

The Obama administration is all hot under the collar about this, but just a couple of years ago, a couple hundred innocent Mexican citizens were gunned down in the streets of Mexico, because the Obama administration authorized the selling of guns to KNOWN STRAW PURCHASERS FROM MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS!!!!

President Obama has promised “the full weight of justice…” for the person(s) who killed 3 people in Boston, but has done nothing but stonewall the pursuit of justice for the Mexican citizens and U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, who were murdered because of his administration’s plan. Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. The guy who signed off on this disaster, known as Operation Fast & Furious ( http://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2012/12/19/fast-and-furious-gun-found-at-murder-scene-was-purchased-by-embattled-atf-supervisor-n1470633) , Attorney General Holder STILL HAS A JOB IN THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION!!!!!
I’m wondering if the “the full weight of justice” will find it’s way to the Attorney General’s office someday.

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