Hey, FYI, Your Ranting Is Hurting Your Candidate

Of late, I’ve seen a real spike in the rhetoric on Redstate when it comes to primary politics. I mean, yeah, sure, I understand you really believe your guy to be the Best To Beat Obama and all that… but jeez…

I’ve heard Rick Perry be called an amnesty-loving liberal, Romney called an Obama clone, Cain called a traitor, among other things. Can we please cut it out?

I’m in the tank for Cain; I’ve admitted it. But I’m also rather fond of Perry. And I don’t mind most of the other candidates. Even the ones I do mind, like say Ron Paul or Huntsman, I think are good men of good will who would be better than anybody the Dems put forth.

So first, take a deep breath, calm down, and work on that unity thing a bit.

But more importantly, if you are a partisan for your candidate, you might consider the fact that you’re hurting your Chosen One when you go stark raving mad off the rails.

I mean, repeatedly calling Cain a TRAITOR doesn’t make him a traitor; it makes you look like an unhinged lunatic. And by extension, rational people might question why your guy needs such over-the-top demonization to win. Hyperventilating that Romney is Obama-lite doesn’t make Romney into Obama; it just makes it look like you don’t have a real argument against Romney’s positions or candidacy.

Seems to me, I’m preparing myself to hear from the Left, the MSM, the Democrats and their minions that whoever we select as our nominee will be painted as everything from a racist (even if he’s a black man who grew up during the Jim Crow era), a sexist (even if she’s a self-made successful tax attorney, mother, and Congresswoman), dumbass (even if he’s got a Ph.D. and has taught college classes), and whatever else they can come up with in their sick twisted projecting minds. I consider that the reason is because their guy — Obama — is a lightweight incompetent who has been exposed as an ideologue who doesn’t know squat about running a corner deli, nevermind the world’s single greatest hyperpower.

I did not think I’d have to confront the same within the GOP, within the conservative movement, as desperate people who apparently can’t just argue for their guy, or argue against another candidate like rational beings, have to go for personal attacks, ad hominem smears, and the like.

Cut it out, please? It’s unbecoming. It’s uncivil. And worst of all, if you care about your guy’s chances, it’s making your candidate look bad. Like s/he can’t win without resorting to such tactics.