Markos Moulitsas Takes a Stand Against Immigrant Activist Groups

Markos Moulitsas, the operator of DailyKos, was on the Brian Lehrer show on WNYC with Scott Ott debating various topics when he dropped a bombshell.  Here is the recording of the show, and Kos’s stunning announcement comes at 21:20 in the recording:

Foreigners should not be allowed to try to influence American elections.

Wow.  So he’s opposed to scenes like this one:

Day Without Immigrants, Featuring Foreign Flags

And this one:

Pro-Illegal Immigrant Rally

After all, foreigners should not be allowed to try to influence American elections.  And the last I checked, if you were not a citizen, even if you are a legal immigrant, you are a foreigner without the right to vote.

I’m sure Markos will be putting out a post telling all these “immigrant activist” groups to butt the hell out of American electoral politics, or at least making sure that they remove foreign influence from amidst their ranks.  Only citizens should be able to join La Raza, only citizens should be members of MALDEF, and so on.

I await the revelation with baited breath.


PS: No, not really waiting with baited breath.