A Brief Message to Protesters & Activists

I know that there is a massive protest planned for tomorrow in Washington DC, and elsewhere.  Tea Partiers and their allies, like FreedomWorks, and others will be descending on Congress in a last ditch desperate effort to stop healthcare reform.  Apparently, many of you are able to take time to go wave signs, sit in congressmen’s offices, shout slogans, and generally make a nuisance of yourselves.  Instead of doing something productive with your time, you’re going to make crude home-made signs and clog up the traffic in DC (and elsewhere) and make it hard for the people working on important fundamental reforms to our healthcare system.

So I thought to jot a little note for all of you protesters and activists who will be out in force tomorrow and other days like tomorrow:

Thank you.

Know that there are a lot more people like me than there are people like you.  I tried to take the day off to make the event, but just couldn’t manage it.

Thank you.

Behind each one of you who was able to take the time off from work and family to be there stand dozens of people like me who would desperately want to be there by your side, but simply cannot.  I know that you have jobs, you have families, you have responsibilities as well — and yet, you are spending your own money to travel to DC, taking vacation time you might have spent otherwise, to go defend freedom.

Thank you for making the sacrifice.

I’ll be making some phone calls and emails and such when I can tomorrow in some feeble effort to try and help roll back the tide, but please know that I — and many other like me — truly appreciate what you guys and gals in the trenches are doing and will be doing.

So go wave those signs, go shout those slogans, go make a nuisance of yourselves (while obeying the law, of course, since we’re not Democrats or ACORN professional agitators), and let our “leaders” know that we’re pissed off and we’re not gonna take it anymore.

You are the voice of the silent majority; know that a vast legion of hardworking Americans who cannot make it tomorrow stand beside you in spirit.

Thank you.  Thank you all.