Sarah Palin: RNC Chair

I’ve been really absent from Redstate due to family and work (new startup company, two kids under five, and everything else that goes with it) and I do apologize.  I try to keep up, but… let’s face it, Erick has built the best online community of political activists anywhere, and it’s hard to keep up. 🙂

But in any case, mea culpas aside, let me pop my head up real quickly to say that having watched Gov. Palin’s speech at the Tea Party Convention in full (available here on PJTV — skip the legacy media, support PJTV if you can)… I am more convinced than ever that Gov. Palin should be the next chair of the RNC.  In fact, Chairman Steele should step down now, fly to Alaska, and fairly BEG Gov. Palin to take the job.

Erick has articulated why Sarah Palin is such a powerful and dynamic political force.  I agree with everything he has written there.  But there’s something more to her that I find even more amazing.

She is a full-spectrum conservative: fiscal, foreign policy, and social.  She is on record with her pro-life position; in the speech itself, and the interview immediately following, she made an astonishing statement that our political class should not be afraid of affirming their faith in God and seeking divine intervention and guidance.

As a two-thirds conservative myself, such religious statements would normally make me nervous and wary.  But not when it comes from Palin.

I don’t know why it is, but she truly gives me the sense that she believes what she believes and will not waver, but that she isn’t seeking to impose her beliefs on me via the force of government.  She is the least threatening, least preachy social conservative on the national scene today.  I do beg forgiveness from the SoCon members on Redstate for that last sentence, if it offends — I respect your beliefs and your positions, but you have to admit that someone like Huckabee is a bit over the top.

Then when she said that she would support candidates who got the basics right — smaller, more limited government, respect for the Constitution, and strong national defense — even if she disagreed with some of their positions on other issues, she won me over completely.

This is a woman who can unite not only the Tea Party partisans, but the entire GOP, while bringing the Republican Party back to its roots and back to its senses.  When Palin spoke about how the Republicans should be thinking how they can bring in as much of the Tea Party under its tent as possible, I thought she was laying out a vision for a simultaneous reform of the GOP and the empowerment of the Tea Party movement through the political power that still exists within the Republican Party.  She can build the big tent, accommodate the various factions, while reminding us all of the Basics: limited government, strong national defense, free markets, and values rooted in faith without overreaching.

Given what she’s been through in 2008, a run for President in 2012 is a bit too early for her, I believe.  She wields enormous political power already as a private citizen.  But the RNC Chair is a civilian position; it isn’t elected office.  The RNC Chair is not responsible for governing; s/he is only responsible for strengthening the Party.

Granted, she doesn’t need the RNC to have the political power she already has.  She is already more powerful, in my judgment, than Chairman Steele.  But the RNC and the GOP need her.  The Tea Party movement would only benefit by taking over one of the two major parties.  And the country would benefit as a result.

It’s time the GOP rediscovered its roots and its core values.  It’s time that the GOP listen to the People, as expressed in the Tea Party movement.  It’s time that the Tea Party movement be lifted up, that every primary be contested, especially those of longtime Washington and Statehouse insiders who have forgotten the Basics.  Imagine what Sarah Palin could do as the head of the RNC.

Run, Sarah, Run — but not for President.  Not yet.  Fix the GOP first, and help us set the foundation.  Before you help clean out Washington, help clean out the Republican Party.


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