Requesting Your Assistance, Redstate

The Lefties are in fullblown Obama-Happy Mode these days. The other day, I heard an advertisement for some glossy photo book tribute to Obama, from his childhood days to his “historic victory”. Y’know, the kind of glossy books that Sports Illustrated does for victorious Super Bowl teams?

In any case, my own anticipatory delight has been climbing along with their joy. Because they are absolutely, 100% sure to be disappointed, disillusioned, and dispirited by their Messiah. And that right soon.

So… I wanted to start a project that I am calling the Schadenfreude Bus Watch.

I would like to catalog all of Barack Obama’s promises during the various campaigns, both primary and general, and track them over the next four years.

It appears that he’s already backtracking on the whole “US Troops Out of Iraq Now” deal.

The thought of the gnashing of teeth this will cause amongst his International ANSWER and Code Pink supporters is simply… delicious.

This is a man who threw his own grandmother under the bus. He threw his pastor and spiritual mentor of twenty years under the bus, after saying he could no more disown Rev. Wright than he could his own grandma. He’s thrown his economic adviser, and his foreign policy adviser, and his Muslim outreach adviser all under the bus.

I have no doubt there’s room under that there bus for various parts of the Obamanation.

So… who can help me?

I would like his promises, links to them, and help keeping track of when he goes back on his word, when he ‘adjusts his promises’, and so on and so forth.