In Which I Appreciate Giuliani

I know we’re all wrapped up in the incredible story of Gov. Sarah Palin, and the incredible meta-story of the self-destruction of the legacy media. But I wanted to take a moment to note just how effective Rudy Giuliani has been as a surrogate for the McCain/Palin ticket. He is absolutely our most effective attack dog.

Every campaign needs one, and I now believe that Rudy needs to be front-and-center much more often.

For example, on Hannity & Colmes last night, Rudy absolutely destroyed Alan Colmes’ various attacks on Palin and defenses of Obama simply with his laughter. I don’t know what it is about Rudy’s laughter that is at once scornful yet genuinely mirthful.

His words, of course, were also right on the money.

HANNITY: And I — has he ever made a million-dollar decision? Has he ever made a life or death decision?GIULIANI: When he makes decisions, it takes a long time.HANNITY: Yes.GIULIANI: On Georgia, he first set up a moral equivalency between Russia and Georgia. He then said let’s give it to the United Nations until they figured out they have — Russia has veto power. It took him three days to get to the right decision.HANNITY: Yes.GIULIANI: So I think that there’s a difference here in judgment, a difference in experience, and I think that he got away with no experience. And all of the sudden we have a woman on the ticket, and her whole record is being attacked in a way that his never was.

And on Joe Biden:

GIULIANI: The reality is that we have our ticket in the right order.HANNITY: That’s right.GIULIANI: The person with experience — most experience, is number one.HANNITY: Right.GIULIANI: The younger person, who’s the next generation, is number two. They have a person with no experience, number one, and they have a person number two that has got a lot of experience, but on foreign policy.Tell me how often has Joe Biden been right? He opposed Ronald Reagan in the struggles Ronald Reagan had against the Soviet Union.HANNITY: Soviet Union.GIULIANI: He was hanging on to (INAUDIBLE) when everybody else had rejected it.HANNITY: Against Kuwait.GIULIANI: He voted against the Persian Gulf War and he voted against the surge.HANNITY: Right.GIULIANI: The surge which has proven to be successful. So Joe has a record, but he’s got a record of being consistently wrong on these major issues.

Then there is this exchange with Tom Brokaw:

[Obama] was rejected by Ohio. He was rejected by Florida. He was rejected by New York. He was rejected by all the big states. Rejected. Even after he was the leading candidate.

Rudy was not right to be our candidate for a number of reasons. But when he’s advocating for you, there is none more effective.

Here’s to appreciating Rudy. I for one would be very comfortable with Rudy having a significant role in the McCain Administration. He would make a fantastic Attorney General.