Dems Already Making Preemptive Excuses

Tell me if you’ve had this happen to you recently. You’re conversing/debating with a known leftist friend or colleague, and the topic of Obama comes up. They spend several hours praising The One, how he’s so brilliant, so articulate, so charming, so… everything this country needs.

Then they say, “But I don’t think he’s going to be elected” with despair in their voice.

Naturally, you ask, “Why would you say that?”

The answer: Because the country is too racist to vote a black man for President.

I have now heard this from at least three separate Democrats, which leads me to believe that they are aware how weak Obama is as a candidate, and are preemptively making excuses.

What’s strange about this is that the Republicans have never once made Obama’s race an issue — if anything, they have said how great it is that a mere forty years after the end of de jure segregation, a major party could nominate a black man for President. Not a single ad, group, or spokesperson for McCain or the actual Republican party has made an issue of Obama’s race. When wackjobs do appear, at least those of us on Redstate have spent time smacking them down.

I oppose Obama because of his ideas, his principles, his character, his values, and his actions. As a “person of color”, I happen to think it’s absolutely wonderful that Obama may become President.

So why does the Left insist that Americans are ignorant rednecks who can’t look past the color of a man’s skin? Could it be that after decades of identity politics, they simply can’t conceive that anyone would think differently than on the basis of group identity?

As much as the people of pallor on the Left might want to make this election a referendum on the state of race relations, and voting for Obama their personal expiation of whatever white guilt they are carrying around, I believe that the American people understand we are facing an enemy that doesn’t care whether we are black, white, yellow, purple or pink — merely that we are Americans. I believe that the nation understands that we face challenges that do not distinguish between the races, or genders, or any other “group identity” apart from the one that binds us all together: American.

And the American people are electing a person, an individual man, to lead us for the next four years. Obama will lose the election if Americans focus on the individual — the content of his character. He may win if Americans, like the Left, focus not on the individual flawed candidate that is Barack Obama, but only on the color of his skin.

Obama may be the first affirmative action President in the history of the country. I believe that the American people, sensible and pragmatic, will understand that there are some jobs you don’t give people on that basis.

Judging by the preemptive excuses, so does the Left.