Anyone Know the Truth Re: Biden's Iranian Connections?

In the comments section of this thread on Pajamas Media, I ran across this interesting item from a commenter named Banafsheh. I duplicate much of it here, because there’s no way to link directly to the comments, and the name Banafsheh doesn’t link to email or blog.

On Friday, Aug. 22nd, reading David Brooks gushing article about Mr. Biden in the NY Time, made me shudder, as does this above item. As an Iranian activist, as well as a **registered American Democrat** who faces the cute media sentimentality over the flaws of some politicians, I realize that I live in a country where it’s not the content of the message/person/action but the form that counts; as long as it’s all wrapped in a nice package, well then, that’s all that matters.I’m amazed that Mr. Brooks did not look into Mr. Biden’s on-going flirtations with the Mullahs over the years. **His willingness to go to attend fundraisers (for his senatorial re-election) at the houses of rather questionable millionaire Iranians in Belair, who are founders of the Islamic Faith (Iman) Foundation and known to have deep ties with the Mullahs and whose specific task is to promote the archaic-minded, patriarchal despots reigning over Iran, is disconcerting to say the least.** Also Mr. Brooks has clearly failed to look into the other Iranians who Mr. Biden has supported vs. the one who he has refused to connect with, lest they take him to task for his connections to the Qom-on-Belair Iranians. Not one Iranian that I know of, who is against dialoguing with the Mullahs has ever been bestowed an audience with this foreign policy maven of a Senator. Mr. Biden’s “discrete” meetings with various envoys of the Mullacracy, in European cities, in the presence of disreputable Mullah-supporting members of the European Parliament is also well-known among us Iranians who do have very decent proposals which Mr. Biden has recalcitrantly refused to consider.Another unfortunate situation is Mr. Biden’s connection to one Houshang Amir-Ahamdi who though a professor at Rutgers University is the founder of a rather objectionable organization called the American Iranian Council (AIC) – which has some of the shadiest characters who were involved in the oil-for-food scandal on the various boards. Amir-Ahmadi is an admitted supporter of the regime in Tehran and goes back and forth to Iran to meet with the Supreme Leader of the Khomeinist regime, Khamenei himself, as well as the holocaust-denying, Israel-threatening Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Mr. Amir-Ahmadi in fact nominated himself for president of Iran in 2005. I can go on about Mr. Amir-Ahmadi but in the interest of time, I will suffice it to these few comments. **Mr. Biden has been flown to various events and lodged at the most expensive hotels by Mr. Amir-Ahamdi and his group in order to promote the feckless and rather destructive notion of normalization of relations with a regime that continues to execute innocent Iranians of all ages, sexes, creeds, religions and backgrounds.** Mr. Biden is the last person who I as an Democrat would nominate as a vice president, all partisan sentimentality aside.

These claims, if true, could be… ah… “of interest” to voters. Particularly those who might think that Joe Biden is an expert on foreign policy.

Perhaps these claims are completely bogus, in which case I’d like to know that.

Perhaps there are very good explanations for these things, in which case I’d like to know that.

Perhaps they’re absolutely true, and Joe Biden has been taking political contributions from Iranian front groups, and associating with questionable Iranian operatives, then pushing normalization policies with the #1 supporter of terrorism in the world, who has been actively waging a war-by-proxy against our troops in Iraq.

However it is, I really would like to know whether these charges are true, false, or in some shade of grey. Does anyone know the facts?