To pick up the pieces...

Well, we lost. We lost fair and square, and no amount of voter fraud could have created the victory Obama won tonight. So be it. We have staved off a filibuster proof majority in the Senate. Thank God, small that this consolation may be.

And yet. And yet while I voted for McCain, and while I hoped he would win, there was that little piece of me that was hoping I lost. I hoped to lose in this election because of all the elctions to come. I know that the policies Obama will enact will come close to destroying this nation, and I voted to keep that from happening, but I am now freed to say what I could not say even to myself before tonight.

This night was always going to come. Whether in 2008, 2012, or some election in the near future, tonight was going to come all the same. It is the Democrat equivalent of the Reagan revolution with one distinct difference. And while it will be a source of misery, it is also the source of my hope.

When Reagan was elected he pushed for lower taxes. Obama will push to raise them. When Reagan was elected he created a stronger military. Obama seeks to tear it down. When Reagan was elected he believed America should be the sole superpower in the world. Obama does not want us to be a superpower at all. When Reagan was elected he created hope. Obama can only talk of the shadow of hope, lurking somewhere in the distance.

The next four years will be a disaster for the United States. It will be grueling, and hard. It will destroy fortunes and families. But the damage will not be anywhere near as great as it could have been with the slow, steady, and destructive advance of liberalism that would have come otherwise.

By electing Barack Obama tonight, along with granting him an even larger majority in both houses of congress, the American electorate has guaranteed that President-Elect Obama will get most, if not all of his projects and proposals granted. As a direct result of this, companies will be destroyed, industries will be bankrupted, and people will be impovrished. There will, I believe, finally be no question as to the result of the liberal policies fought which the Democratic party has so ardently fought.

America will never stand for this. We will not take these blows lying down. We will not allow this party of Death and Defeat to dismantle the Constitution and the greatness of our nation along with it. If tonight seems like a revolution, it will be nothing compared to 2010. It will be nothing compared to 2012.

By not electing one of the most liberal Republican candidates in recent party history, we have allowed the true intentions of the Democrat party to be brought to fruition, and with it, the death of their party, not ours. Obama has made “Yes we can” such a famous statement, but I would like to make one of my own.

We will snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Yes we will. We will reverse the dangerous and deadly policies of the Democratic party that seek to choke out our industry and wealth. Yes we will. We will stop them at every turn when they attempt to destroy God, the family, and the greatness of this, the last best hope of freedom in the world. Yes we will. We will take the ashes of this defeat, and creat the movement anew, strengthened with our true philosophy, and uncompromised by spineless twits who once wore the Republican mantle only because it was popular and electable. Yes we will. Yes we will.