It's "Put On The Helmet Day" Mom

Red States, Rush, I hope you’re listening. There is one thing and one thing only we need to do right now, and for the foreseeable future. It is time for the Operation Chaos Reunion Tour. Remember, according to the polls, there are at least 48 million of us out there.

Now what is the best way to create this chaos? Firstly, today is the day we should start considering what referendum votes we need to get on the ballots in 2010. Consider that this is how we held onto Congress and the White House in 2004. Not only should abortion bans be on the ballots, but also gay marriage bans, tough illegal immigration laws, budgetary constraints for the states, tax ban proposals, and faith based initiatives should be matters that are brought directly to the voter’s attention in every state. Let’s sign petitions for special elections on every Democrat in the Senate who isn’t running for re-election in two years. Let’s put all of their seats at risk, and make it impossible for a conscientious conservative to stay away from the polls. Remember, Washington may have gone ultra liberal, but the nation is still a conservative one.

Additionally, the next election needs to be not just a referendum on Obama, but on the entire future of the nation. There were a lot of know-nothings who voted in this election, voting for a young black (I will continue to repeat that he is black, he is not African American…just African) man. They figured “hey, give him a shot, let’s see what happens”. This was not a vote to save the nation from some great conservative menace. It was a throw the bums out election. Well, Obama is as big a bum as they come. We lost opportunities in this election to warn voters of his wildly radical views, and it was not because the information was not out there. We can all sit around and blame McCain for not calling Obama to the carpet, but it will do us no good. Consider that the video interview with Obama where he expressed a desire to bankrupt the coal industry was on the internet for months, yet we did not hear about, or disseminate this information until two days before the election, far too late to have a major impact on the vote. Let us be a constant voice against the radicalism that Obama represents.

Now let’s make one thing clear about what has just happened to the Republican party, we lost a lot of seats in the House and Senate this election, but this was not necessarily a bad thing. For the most part (and I know there were exceptions, such as Elizabeth Dole), the seats we lost were those of the most spineless and liberal RINO’s we had in office. God knows I was not sorry to see Rep. Wayne Gilchrest (R????? Are you serious? R????) from my home district in Maryland ousted from office. Granted, he was replaced by the liberal Kratovill, but at least we know what we are dealing with in the new Democrat congressman.

We have removed nearly all of the Republicans for whom we have been carrying an enormous amount of liberal water. Now it is time to stop defending their thinly veiled pseudo-conservative agendas, and start pushing the true conservative movement back to the forefront of this nation.

Lastly, it is time to decide who the leaders of our somewhat streamlined party will be, though this is not to say we should start selecting our presidential candidates. That time will come soon enough. We don’t need this big tent nonsense anymore. Our tolerance for moderates and even liberals within the party has only brought us to this day. We need not apologize for being conservatives, and nor should our leaders. I should hope that not everyone has forgotten the lessons we learned from Reagan. We have Jindal and Palin who will be good contenders for 2012, and we should support them now as party leaders, in order to give voice to our beliefs in the national forum for ideas.