Orwell Was Just a Little Early

Alright, I know that sounds like hyperbole. Let’s go through this one step at a time and see how much it sounds like hyperbole after I’m done.

So what are the main conditions in 1984? The world is at constant war, the media is controlled by the government, and will blatantly lie at the government’s behest since, in their reality, government is the only truth. Dissent is disallowed, and a capital offence. Everybody is watching everyone else, and there is a pervasive, persistent depression.

The media is already controlled by the Barack Obama campaign, or is at least complicit with them. Slap on the fairness doctrine, which we have been all but promised by a Democratic Congress, and perhaps a couple internet controls, and all of a sudden you are left with only one voice to get your news. Somehow that voice sounds like a mix of accents from Chicago, IL., and Jakarta, Indonesia. We can replace Goldstein with Limbaugh in the two minute hate. After all, Ignorance is Strength

Barack Obama has so many international interests that are at odds with those of the United States it would be laughable if his presidential election were not imminent. We now have news that the L.A. Times is holding back video where Barack is praising Rashid Khalidi. We now have a fantastic list of Obama associates. People who hate Israel, people who hate America, people who hate Jews in general, people who hate educating our children, people who hate honesty, and people who hate you and any wealth you have managed to amass on your own. This being said, how hard is it to imagine Obama sending in support troops to Kenya, his father’s and brother’s home country? How hard is it to imagine Obama abandoning Israel? How hard is it to imagine this inexperienced man-child foolishly starting a war with a nuclear power because he wasn’t wise enough to avoid it diplomatically? War is peace, brotha.

Now how could we become a society of “thoughtcrime” stoppers you say? It’s ridiculous to even think it, right? Depends on what your definition of terrorism is. You see, when Bush enacted these new terror laws including the patriot act, it allows the government to arrest anyone accused of being a terrorist and hold them indefinitely without charging them. Indefinitely means forever for those of you trying to keep up. Now, take these laws President Bush intended to work against terrorists, and now put them in the hands of Barack Obama, a man who is well known for coming upon his success by shutting up, shoving out, and removing by nearly any means his opponents and enemies. Considering who he hangs out with, I wonder what his definition of terrorist is. Probably something like “white Republican” It’s a good thing Freedom is Slavery.

Now we are on the bring of recession, or possible worldwide depression. The last time this happened we ended up in a World War. Awesome huh? We also ended up with a President that initiated the very first parts of socialism in our nation. Now we’re going to elect a president to finish the job. Sweet. Of course, we’ll have a good reason for going to war. After all, the depression was probably caused by Eastasia, and we’ve always been at war with Eastasia.

Thank God we have Big Brother Barack to protect us.

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