Obama is Fatter than He Looks!

I’ll be honest here.  I’m a little incensed over this idea that the government is trying to penalize people who are overweight with higher insurance costs.  For me this isn’t really an argument about whether skinny people should subsidize the cost of fat people or anything of the like.  It’s deeper than that.  And I’ll go ahead and get this out of the way – I’m fat.  So I guess you could call me a potential victim.

But what really burns me up is the blatant hypocrisy of our government when it decides to target a group of people for some type of excess, whether it be fiscal or physical.  When the government refuses to address any of our real problems and then turns around and demonizes a group of people as the ones who are costing the American people money, it’s intentional dishonesty.

We saw this with AIG earlier this year – how Washington demonized AIG executives for paying bonuses to employees with tax payer money when the Obama administration along with Chris Dodd told them they could!  And what came from all this stirred up hatred? Death threats to AIG executives.  Nice!

We also saw it with the mortgage crisis.  Remember, that was Bush’s fault.  WRONG!  The government effectively started this whole crisis under the Clinton administration by forcing banks to give loans to people who couldn’t afford them, and then putting Fannie and Freddie at the helm to insure all of these mortgages.  But who got the blame? Wall St. and the Bush administration, despite the fact that Bush tried to fix it and was stopped by the dems.  But has Washington owned up to it yet?  Anyone?  Barney? Chris?

And now we see it with health care.  Most sensible people know that the high costs of health care are the result of many years of government intervention and, in fact, non-intervention.  I don’t want to go into a long spiel, but when the government mandates that insurance companies pay for more and more, then the price must go up as they monetize their risk.  And in terms of non-intervention, I think our illegal immigration problem speaks for itself.  They go to the hospital and we pay the bill.  And we all know the need for tort reform.  Doctors have to monetize their risk of high payouts and thus the price goes up.  And then there is medicare with more government mandates and the lowball prices that they pay doctors and, well, the list goes on.

But is the government talking about fixing any of this?  Absolutely not.  In fact, they want to put us deeper into debt by creating a public system where they will have to control costs and ration care – and now they want to give amnesty to all illegals so that they can be on the public system.  Fantastic.

So when they come towing the line that I have to pay more because I’m fat, because I’m potentially costing American’s too much money, I really want to give Washington a swift kick to the groin and then beat them over the head with a railroad tie.  (Sorry, I guess I’ve been watching too many youtube videos.)

Give me a government that is responsible and trustworthy, and I’ll gladly lose some weight and then some.  Until then, I think we need to talk about cutting the fat in Washington.