Keith Olbermann has crossed the line. It's time for him to get KO'd.

Nothing proves to me more how intellectually and morally bankrupt Keith Olbermann really is than his latest mission. He is angry because the Obama Administration’s Green Jobs Czar Van Jones was forced to resign because of his quite radical past coming to light thanks in large part to Glenn Beck.  So now that Jones has resigned, Glenn Beck is being credited with it by the Left (though Gateway Pundit should get the credit for finding the 9/11 Truther part that forced Jones to resign).

But the interesting thing is that Olbermann had his chance to argue the facts.  Instead of attacking Glenn Beck on his show for pointing out Jone’s radical past, Olbermann could have easily made intellectual arguments to prove, deny, or justify the claims that Beck was making.  Instead he remained silent. (see for yourself. Go search MSNBC’s video archive for Van Jones.)  So now, in typical Olbermann fashion, he wants to kill the messenger and he’s calling in the troops to do it.

Smear campaign officially commenced.

This goes far beyond true journalism (which is what Beck actually did) into the realm of the dark streets of vengeance.  I honestly don’t know how MSNBC can keep Olbermann employed at this point because he is becoming a much larger liability for them with these types of antics.  I also refuse to loose hope that the intellectually honest folks that watch MSNBC will want to put up with this.

I am all for intellectual disagreements, but this is the stuff of amateurs.

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