The Fall of our Nation - Deviating from our Forefathers

The Christian Bible was in public schools for 320 years until 1963 when the Supreme Court booted it out.  For a long time our nation has been under attack by progressives who have sought to undermine the Bible as our foundation and it appears they have succeeded. It was started by folks who didn’t want to believe that God created the earth and all therein in 6 days and began to propagate unfounded theories of how the earth is millions of years old – I think it now it’s supposedly 4.5 billions year old or something.  Fossils that were thought to have been laid down by Noah’s flood were now being laid down for over millions of years by catastrophe after catastrophe, unless you subscribed to the even keel theory where it all happened overtime without catastrophes.  Of course this has now been turned into to a more complete theory of evolution, thanks to the help of Darwin and others. Either way the onslaught to discredit God’s work in creation was on, and they began to teach the religion of evolution in schools.  And now, as many will tell you, they teach it as fact.  Talk about indoctrination.  The Creation account, as detailed in the Bible is seen as some fairy tale.  In fact, if you admit that you believe the earth is around 6,000 years old and God created the universe and all mankind in 6 days, you’re a lunatic.

Call me a lunatic.

But this isn’t about evolution. This is really about deviating from the Bible, the Word of God.  And look at our country now.  Rampant abortion, pornography, homosexuality and other things quite un-akin to God, all being accepted in some form or other as ok.

But there persists this lie that our forefathers weren’t Christians at all, that many were deists or atheists.  But this flies in the face of actual history.  Listen to this short video on the history of the English Bible in our country.