Spanish Radio Will Doom The Fairness Doctrine.

Defining the issue of “fairness” is nearly impossible in one language, yet doing it in two is impossible. The traditional model called for a far-right comment to be met with an equal but far-left comment, or a moderate-right comment to be met with its moderate-left counterpart. This alone is nearly impossible to define but now consider the issues of culture.

How a comment does considered mainstream in the Spanish-speaking community but more radical in the English-speaking community (i.e. foreign intervention, free trade, abortion, capital punishment, welfare, etc.)

The FCC has a hard enough time chasing down Spanish radio stations for their violations of foul language due to the language barrier and would find it impossible to reasonably discern the subtleties and nuances of political thought.

In an ironic sort of way, Spanish radio will help sink the Fairness Doctrine.