Obama Now or Obama Later

Alas the election is over and Barack Obama should be congratulated as the 44th POTUS. Though it looks pretty glum around camp GOP there are some positive things to consider in McCain’s defeat.

  1. Faced with massive Democratic majorities in Congress, McCain would have had to track to the center just to get anything done.

  2. Out of a sense of obligation to their president, the Republicans in Congress would have supported McCain in this move to the center and thus unable to mount a necessary and well-articulated opposition.

  3. After four years, a 76 year-old McCain would face re-election backed by a further weakened Republican party and having to explain near-certain sky-high energy prices and unemployment.

  4. You ask, why not let Obama inherit this mess and try to explain it in four years? Even he, The One, will be severely politically hampered by these issues? I agree.

Amazingly, Obama can run for POTUS another 7 times before he is older than McCain is now and would not have simply gone away after a loss tonight. Indeed a loss tonight might have allowed him to come back stronger and raise twice the cash for his second round against McCain in 2012.

In short, it was either “Obama Now” or “Obama Later”. Obama now allows the GOP to jettison the McCain mindset and begin a robust opposition. An Obama later would have delayed the inevitable while letting the Republicans toil and tarry in the wilderness of lost souls.