The Decline of America

A shroud of fear and confusion settles upon the land as the cultural, moral, and intellectual decline of our nation reaches a tipping point.  An unholy alliance of our schools and universities (whose primary focus should be on developing knowledgeable, clear-thinking citizens) and the MSM (whose primary task is to convey information in an accurate, objective, and comprehensive manner) has betrayed us.  While promoting a self-destructive ideology, an increasingly monlithic, values-free educational system and a corrupt, highly partisan media have sown ignorance, disunity, and moral confusion within our people. 

What great nation has scorned its past and enfeebled its institutions–including the church, the school, the family–and long survived?  Can any nation which emasculates its males, sexualizes its children, mocks its leaders, and ridicules its traditions endure?  The cost of these trends has been high: a growing disrespect for authority and the rule of law; an easily decieved electorate ignorant of history, civics, and its own traditions; and a society enamored by a dark vision of America–an America where integrity, honor, civility, love of country, and the pursuit of excellence are eclipsed by relativism, identity politics, class warfare, and situational ethics.  Victory for the Left will be a Pyrrhic victory at best as a once proud and vibrant America is left in smoking ruins–an unproductive, increasingly narcissistic socialist state.