Star Dem Congressional Candidate: Everybody's Lying But Me

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Last week, a Democrat confessed to a reporter that he really is not in favor of Obamacare. The reporter broadcast the statements. The Democrat had a change of heart after the money and the Radical Left put the heat on him. So he backtracked; the campaign said the candidate said no such thing.

Pretty standard stuff there?

Not so fast. You just think you’ve heard this one before. Granted, it ends up in the same place (Democrat lies to cover his behind, but says he’s the Last American Boyscout, and everybody else is lying). But this one gets an A+ for originality and audacity. National Review shone a light on this story yesterday, and posed it as a mystery.

Here’s how this thing rolled out:

Jerry Cannon is the Democrat challenger to Congressman Dan Benishek in Michigan. He’s one of the DCCC’s darling candidates in what they consider a winnable race. He interviewed Wednesday with a local news reporter, Garrett Neese. Cannon gave Neese his business card at the end.

The next morning, Neese called the cell number on the card, and chatted at some length with Cannon, who at some point stated: I don’t like Obamacare. It’s been a disaster for me. At noon, the Daily Mining Gazette posted the story, including that quote. Within two hours, the Cannon campaign manager called the paper and claimed that Cannon had not spoken with Neese on the phone.

Say what?

Campaign Manager Ted Dick, claimed that particular phone had been turned off at the time Neese spoke with Cannon.

It kind of goes without saying, but the paper not only pulled the article entirely, they posted a whole new article the next day, including quotes from Cannon in which he offered up juicy wet kisses for Obamacare.


Liar liar.

Skunk liar.

Devious, cowardly, self-serving dirty rotten skunk liar.

I agree with National Review and say this story by the campaign is most odd. If Cannon’s claim is true, then there are truly some creepy things going on. If it’s true, then one of these is also true:

  • Reporter Garrett Neese – a 10-year veteran of that paper – did not make the call, and just made it up.
  • Neese dialed the wrong phone number, or the phone number on the business card was wrong, AND the person answering the phone was not only a very clever and funny guy, but impersonated Cannons’ voice well enough to fool the reporter.
  • Neese dialed the right number, but somebody in the campaign impersonated Cannon very well. This person is either quite a prankster, or he intended to deliberately sabotage the campaign.

Any of those sound plausible? If the “victim” here was Pope John Paul, you would have to consider the possibility that no matter how bad it sounds, you have to consider that he’s telling the truth.

But this is a Democrat. A Democrat politician, considered a prized up-and-comer by the Party Elite. There’s one plausible expectation.

Cannon, a Democrat running in Michigan’s relatively conservative Upper Peninsula, bows to electoral reality and speaks of his lack of enthusiasm for Obamacare. After that comment hits the streets, the crap-storm hits from the Left. The DCCC and the deep pockets of the Left, as well as the True Believing Crazies jam the phone lines at Cannon HQ. They impress on him that if he doesn’t return to formation, like YESTERDAY, then funding dries up, grassroots dry up, and Jerry Cannon’s political career dies on the trash heap of history like 10,000 other guys.

So, he says, what phone call? I don’t know nothing ’bout no phone call.


PS – I have emailed both Mr. Wilcox and Mr. Neese at the Mining Gazette. As of this posting, I have not heard from either one. They were flat-out called liars by the Cannon campaign. Far be it from us to raise the specter of “left-wing news bias” , but…..that story sure disappeared in a hurry. It occurs to me that reporter Garrett Neese, or the paper’s editor Mark Wilcox, could clear some of this up in a hurry. A photo of Cannon’s business card, a photo of his cell phone’s call log showing the call was connected, that would prove — at the minimum — that Ted Dick lied when he said the phone was turned off. Or…..did Neese and Wilcox just make the whole story up?  

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