Does Chris Christie relate to Joe the Plumber?

KurtzThe other day, with no prompting from myself mind you, Howard Kurtz was babbling on about the big Chris Christie re-election in New Jersey and saying how he did it and why and what the people think and how this will effect his chances for the presidency in 2016 and bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla Joe the Plumber… – wait, what?

Yeah, in between his expertise on how regular old American voters like you and I think about things, Howard mentioned that although people may like that Christie is brash and he cusses and speaks like an actual human being – it’s all going to backfire on him in the big election which Hillary wins in 2016. I added the Hillary part, but that’s what he was thinking. To describe middle American, blue-collar, everyday voters (the likes of which he’s never met, I’m guessing), Howard Kurtz said of Christie’s 2016 prospects; “.. He could come across as a lot more of a guy who could connect with “Joe the Plumber” than the current President of the United States..”

Sure Howard, that’s right – only the East Coast intelligentsia with Ivy League credentials or just press credentials can relate to the current President of the United States with his “clean and articulate” style according to the President of the Senate and his “no Negro dialect” according to the leader of the Senate. And fly-over residents with their under-developed brain-stems must be entertained by more colorful candidates like the Ralph Kramden /Soprano-esque combo-platter that is Chris Christie. Yes, we get it Howard. We stoopid – need big fat loud man, he he..

But not so fast with the Joe the Plumber reference, m-kay?

Do I relate to Chris Christie? Well, when he’s bitching out a teacher because their union is bankrupting their respective State and not educating children, yes. When he’s screaming at some idiot at a rally who’s only purpose is to disrupt the proceedings – not advance debate, yes. When Christie is telling it like it is, in plain language – black and white – and not the lawyer-speak that most politicians use to straddle both sides of an issue, yes. And especially when Christie is wiping the floor with some half-ass excuse for a journalist who’s just asked another inane question which is both irrelevant and agenda-driven,  it does make me smile and wish their were more Chris Christie’s out there, at least speaking truthfully. Yes, I can relate to that Howard Kurtz..

BUT.. (you knew that was coming, right?)

When I see Chris Christie frolicking on the beach with President Obama just before the 2012 elections, when I read Christie has expanded entitlements in New Jersey, supports Amnesty, gun control, agrees with Al Gore on global warming, took campaign cash from Rahm Emanuel associates, the hedge fund run by George Soros, the University of California Berkeley, Obama bundlers and Mark “Facebook” Zuckerburg – do I relate to that?

… Meh – not so much.

Speak for yourself Kurtz.

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