Things I Never Thought Would Happen In America

Things I Never Thought Would Happen In America

Lost and Confused SignpostEvery generation has at least a few things they just can’t believe have happened during their lifetime in their beloved America – and it’s disturbing to the multitude of folks who worked hard to make their children’s lives better and more prosperous than their own. That was the goal for so long, to leave a place with the same liberty and opportunities, but have your family in a position to better take advantage of what America had to offer. But in between working, attending school meetings, services and the occasional barbecue and vacation – things happen that you just never thought would.

Just seven or eight years ago, if I would have told you this country would be running consistent deficits of a trillion dollars per year and we’d have a total debt of over $17 trillion, you’d shrug it off as an alarmist trying to get attention, raise money or votes. I know this because there were plenty of people making just such a forecast and they were condemned as naysayers, or worse – flat-earth, Chicken Little wing-nuts. Well, guess what Nostradamus breath? Add to that $90 trillion in unfunded mandates we’ve managed to vote in, and it’s impossible to wrap your mind around it.

Barack Obama and his Democrat majorities have raided the treasury and printed and borrowed this country into debt we can’t get out of. Period. That was the goal and they hit it (they still have 2/3rds of government folks, and most of the time, with Boehner & Co., they have the other third as well).

When exactly did we start saying “trillion” so casually? I remember during the George W. Bush years when the deficit ran up over $400 billion, and the Democrats and the lapdogs on TV said it was not only the worst economy since the Great Depression, but that our grandchildren were being deprived of their pursuit of happiness. I happen to agree with the second half of that statement and was pretty mad that the Republicans who controlled all three branches of government not only didn’t eliminate the Departments of Education, Energy and the EPA – their spending went out of control. The Republicans were bad stewards of the economy, but we don’t remember thanks to the coming of 2006 and the Pelosi / Reid majority. Then of course, came the “trillion” dollar man named “Barack Obama” who followed in 2008. Now no one remembers that the Bush years were the most profligate of all time at the time.

Make no mistake: The Republican establishment primed that pump as the Democrats turned on the spigot full blow and laughed as we drowned in debt. If the Democrats are well-known reckless and corrupt socialists, the Republicans have red blood debt on their collective hands as well. Way to go guys. I never thought I would see my Party act like they did when given the keys to the Lincoln or enable Obama like they have been for the past five years. Moving on..

After the Soviet Union was kicked in the nut sack by a real American President, the Wall in Berlin came down, hundreds of millions of tearful Soviet subjects won their freedom and the United States went on an economic tear never before seen in the history of the world – did you ever think you’d see the leader of Russia own the leader of the U.S. in our lifetimes? It seems surreal after we wiped the floor with them in the Cold War, that they would be back and making us look weak and second rate in such a relatively short time. Again, it took someone equal to Reagan – but in an opposite fashion – to undo the standing we enjoyed worldwide. The prevailing thought was that we were not liked in the world and we just want to be liked. What? No we don’t!

Mr. President, this isn’t Facebook – we don’t want to be liked. We want to be respected and if that means Saudi Arabia, Russia, North Korea, Libya, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, China, Syria and any other ne’re do-wells around the globe “don’t like us” – well who gives a rat’s ass? Barack Obama’s “bow softly and carry a big stick of celery” style has every skinny despot in the world thinking we won’t lob a cruise missile into their tent if they act up like Gadhafi in the 80’s. I never thought I’d see America in such a humiliating scenario, yet here we are. Moving on..

ccI never thought our education system would be a third-rate, over-priced carnival ride, full of sexual predators and run by bloated unions that can’t fire bad or felonious teachers, much less educate children unless it’s on the virtues of unicorns who feel they’re trapped in the bodies of lesbian zebras. We’re 22nd in education in the world? What? And because of the denigration of federalism we’ve allowed the confiscated, borrowed and printed money from Washington to decide that programs like “Common Core” will drive the future of our kid’s thinking? How can this be happening when just a few years ago, when I was going to school my teachers would have walked through fire to shield me from exposure to anything that would endanger my future happiness?

26-08-2013-10-10-30-AM-150x100Did you ever think you’d turn on the TV and a young Disney star would simulate masturbation with a foam finger on a popular and highly-rated Awards Show aimed at kids? In prime-time? And then repeatedly shown on every show, on every channel 24/7 for two weeks?

When did cheating and lying in sports become the norm and the goal was just not to get caught?

Anthony Weiner Greets NYC Commuters Day After Announcing Mayoral BidNot news back in the day: A congressman cheats on his wife. Something I thought I’d never see happen: A married congressman sends photos of his genitals to strange, very young girls, lies about it until he’s caught red-handed (sorry), then runs for Mayor of New York City and is the front-runner until he’s found to be doing it again. That is called a sociopath. I never thought a person like that would even be allowed to walk around and be near children, much less be considered for high office. It’s unreal, you must admit.

Things you would never have thought would happen in America… to be continued. You have some you’d like to share?

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