You Didn't Build These Ten Things - Barack Obama Did

It’s not like he didn’t warn us that his goal was to fundamentally transform America – but most of us didn’t think that meant wrecking the economy, killing the golden goose, giving away the farm and generally screwing the pooch. But here we are and here are the top ten things Obama owns – despite him blaming everyone else – he built them:

10. Food Stamp Nation:The government said the recession ended in 2009, but people getting on food stamps didn’t. The Obama Administration dispatched armies of workers into the streets to find people eligible to get on the program and it’s worked:  A record 47.8 million people are on food stamps as of December 2012 — a 70 percent rise since 2008. It will be over 100% by this year’s end.

9. The Sin of Envy: It used to be not that long ago that folks who succeeded were looked up to and emulated. Not anymore, because after 5+ years of Obama propaganda, the successful, go-getters, job-creators, upwardly mobile, wealth-creating Americans are nothing more than evil white devils who exploit poor working families – then don’t pay taxes. Forget that the top ten percent of taxpayers pay .. oh forget it -you’ve heard it a million times and would rather hear Obama’s pitch I guess. Anyway – he built it, he owns it.

8. Destruction of the greatest healthcare system in the world: They’ve been trying for 100 years to control us by controlling our health care, but it took a community organizer to force, lie and bribe it through. Everyone, Barack Obama included, knew the American people didn’t want socialized medicine. Polls showed it. Scott Brown won Ted Kennedy’s seat by promising to vote against It. He forced and bribed it through anyway and now is ignoring key parts of it and issuing waivers to keep it alive.

7. Goodbye To Our Children’s Future: $17 trillion in debt and $90 trillion in unfunded mandates assures many generations of economic slavery. Yes, it’s you President Obama. You. Not Bush, Not the fairy god spender. You.

6. Lowering The Bar: When future presidents rewrite legislation, ignore the separation of powers or flaunt the Constitution – we can point to the pioneer of those practices – Barack Obama. This partially explains why folks like John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell, etc. do so little to curtail Barack Obama’s obvious unconstitutional behaviors. They see the box he’s opened up for future Republicans, should they ever get in power. It’s very tempting for them to allow Barack to test how deep the waters are – to see exactly what he might get away with. They aren’t against his spending – they’re just mad it’s not going to their folks.

5. Race Wars: This was supposed to be our shining achievement – to show the world we could evolve and put the final nail in the coffin of slavery by electing a black president. Barack Obama had the opportunity to be the greatest leader since Lincoln, but instead he chose to not just divide us along racial lines, but to incite hatred between the races. He doesn’t like white people – it’s clear – and perhaps the resentment he feels toward the black side of his family may fuel it. I personally don’t care – he’s been bad for this country whatever his skin color or psychological problems.

4. Open Season on Christians: If Barack Obama is a Christian, I’m a diving board. At every single turn, the President has sided with Muslims over Christians and radical Muslims when possible and Islamo-Nazis on more than one occasion. In Egypt and other locales, Christians are tortured and murdered with impunity and this president does nothing, says nothing and hears nothing. It’s un-Christian, even though he swears he’s a Christian.You can stick a branch in your eye and it doesn’t make you a tree.

3. The Muslim Brotherhood: Barack Obama owns the Muslim Brotherhood, brotha. The gains they’ve made in the world are part and parcel because of the assistance of Mr. Obama, their brother from a white American mother. Nice one, Mr. President. I’m sure this will end well when a future president will have to clean up your mess with young boots on the ground.

2. Dumbing Down: Whether it’s Common Core, Amnesty, or kids living at home until they feel it’s time to put the bong down and drive over to get their welfare check themselves – this president does not demand excellence. He doesn’t believe America is exceptional and does not inspire hard work or entrepreneurship. The answer to all problems is government. But we know from history this doesn’t work, will never work and isn’t working now. But you built this belief Barack Obama and people are being hurt by it.

1. One Good Thing: You reminded us how great we are, sir. We’re going to bounce back from this and you’re going to go down as the worst thing that ever happened to this country. People will eventually get educated as to just what happened and how it should never happen again. We’ve been through this before – a couple centuries ago. We threw those bastards aside and we’ll do the same now. You’ll fly off with your family to some Muslim country where you’ll be lauded as the man who tried to bring America down and almost succeeded.

Cross posted at JoeForAmerica.com

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