Megyn Kelly and Faux Outrage

Right and wrong, since when do we need “studies” to tell which is which? My wife read Erick’s article and liked it, then watched Megyn’s interview and was offended. Here is her article. Enjoy:

Here we go again. Another case where someone wants to play the insulted, oppressed and offended woman. Apparently Erick Erickson struck a chord a little too close to home for Fox News’ Megyn Kelly the other day when opining on the differences between *gasp… men and women. Feeling like you’re neglecting your children by working those long, late hours at Fox? Want to be offended and try to deny the fact that women were created with the nurturing gene? Well, get real. You want to know the real reason you’re feeling angry? You don’t want to face the deep down truth, which you know is in there:

You are the nurturer of the household! Before you flare those nostrils at me and begin kicking up dirt, let me share with you another woman’s perspective….

I am technically a new mother. I just had my first baby 3 months ago. My husband has a teenage son from his first marriage so when I came into the family I filled the mother role in his life. But I believe you truly don’t understand this mother role and how important it is until you have your own.

In my family pre-baby, I filled what I called the “buffer” role. My husband was the tough disciplinarian and I tried to be the softer, more mother-like figure in our son’s life. He needed a strong role model in his father but he also needed a softer, complementary role model in a mother. The same goes for our daughter. She needs to feel safe, protected, loved and provided for by her father and comforted, nurtured and loved by her mother.

I wish we had the financial ability to stay at home and raise our daughter full time, but unfortunately right now we do not. As mothers, it may sound crazy, but we truly know our babies and their wants and needs. I can tell you when my daughter is hungry, tired or just wants to be held.

My husband may not like this and I am in no way taking away from what he does in our daughter’s life, but she needs her mother. When I come home from work late and she is still awake, I truly believe it’s because she is waiting for me. She needs her mother’s touch. And sure enough when I get home I hold her, talk to her and show her my love and she goes right to sleep. Now I know my husband can and has done this (like I said, I’m not taking away from his role or what he does) but a child needs his or her mother!

Mothers and fathers are meant to fulfill certain roles, and I’m sorry Megyn, but nurturing falls under our category. Why do you suppose when children get hurt they cry for their “mommy”? I’ll take this from the WWII book, Flags of our Fathers, but why do you think grown men who were wounded and lie dying cried out for their mothers? Because at that moment they wanted the nurturing comfort that only a mother can provide.

You don’t need a study, a PhD or a job at Fox to figure that out.

Here is Erick’s article in question.

And below you can see Megyn’s faux outrage.

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