Buying Friends in the Middle East

After his election in 2008, Barack Obama gave his first televised interview to Fox News, laying out his Administration’s plans for dealing with countries in Asia and the Middle East. The President said the U.S. was no longer going to tolerate unilateral responsibilities and the leadership in these countries would have to begin earning their support from America…

… Just kidding – he gave his first TV interview to Al-Arabiya, an Arabic channel – and then went on an apology tour, explaining to the Middle East that we were going to be wussies for a while.

In Egypt, for instance, Barack Obama proposed “a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world, one based on mutual interest and mutual respect, and principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.” In other words, “speak softly and carry a bag full of American taxpayer money.” The disastrous Arab Spring followed, with the U.S. screwing the pooch on a massive opportunity to help the people of Iran. Does anyone know what the Obama Doctrine is? Forget about defining what terrorism is, I’d be happy at this point to just have the guy use the phrase from time to time.

Giving aid to any country not willing to go all in against terrorism is de facto support for terrorism, plain and simple – doesn’t President Obama see that? Forget I asked that. The countering of terrorist forces without a US President defining and demanding what that entails is a bit pointless, but giving the Muslim Brotherhood $250 million, while denying school kids a tour of the White House is damn ridiculous. I thought maybe the Boston bombings would light a fire under his behind, but I still haven’t even heard him say “Islamist Terrorist,” even though the two perpetrators are Islamist and terrorists.

While we’re on the subject, why is U.S. taxpayer support in the Middle East an entitlement? I know President Carter mandated foreign aid in the Camp David Accords, but I always thought the word “accord” meant both sides had to do something? The Muslim Brotherhood currently represses women, minorities, gays and has extended their hand to terrorist groups such as Hamas. I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t put up with this in the U.S., yet we give and we give and we give – and you know what we get back? Nothing. Egypt is not GM and not too big to fail.

Rather than bailing out countries like Egypt, run by the Brotherhood and their not-so “accord-able” policies, why aren’t we demanding some accountability in return for our cash? Like a welfare recipient, anybody knows free money merely allows leaders like Morsy to blow off any sort of responsibility, and making him earn that dough might teach him to straighten up and fly a little more right. Please, don’t get me started on the Palestinians. Just cut off aid and be done with it – what is the downside? They’ve received more aid per capita than any other over there and what do they have to show for it?They’re the Solyndra of the Middle East and need to have at least some oversight for their taxpayer gifts if we’re not going to cut it off altogether. They cannot continue to blame Israel for their corruption and incompetence. Let’s be honest – they’re a bunch of backward crazy whack-a-dos and can’t handle money. Imagine an entire country of Lindsay Lohans… but I digress.

Giving million of dollars to unfriendly foreign governments is the last thing we need to be doing in our debt-ridden situation – that seems obvious to everyone who is not John Kerry. This blind support for what seems to be a lot of violent and anti-American regimes is unsettling for most Americans, especially when these countries get beyond our influence. For instance, can you believe we actually send foreign aid to China? WTF? What kind of economic leverage are we pulling there? Guys like John Kerry just want to be received in these foreign countries as a magnanimous friend. Maybe he’s just feeling continued guilt over his antic during and after the Vietnam War, I don’t know. But I do know he has to be reined in when it comes to blowing taxpayer money.

In short, we have to stop trying to buy friends. We’ve been playing the fool for way too long now and while it works a little in the beginning, it then becomes an obligation which gets us nothing in return. In order to fashion and employ a fresh, effective policy in the Middle East, we need a President willing to lead, stand up to the leadership in these countries and quit buying their friendship. Either that or we need a new President. But I repeat myself…

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