Obama get's beat and cries

The Senate on Wednesday defeated an amendment on expanding background checks, which was pretty much the key to Obama’s gun control bill. It must have been quite a blow to President Obama, who went all boo-hoo afterwards. First of all, congratulations to everyone who let their voice be heard and helped our side prevent the further erosion of our rights under the Second Amendment. That pesky Bill of Rights got in Obama’s way again!

What’s shocking is that whenever our President cannot get his way, he goes off the deep end and throws a temper tantrum in the Rose Garden, calling people liars, cowards and shameful for dutifully engaging in the process and holding up the highest law in the land… That would be the Constitution if any of you Media Matters folks are monitoring this today.

For standing up to the forces who would eventually eliminate the Second Amendment (believe it, brother), our commander in chief offered the following: “Intimidation tactics” worked to convince senators from pro-Second Amendment states that keeping their jobs depended on a yes vote, and quote; “they started looking for any excuse to vote no.” Now there’s the pot calling the kettle half-black and half-white (just being accurate). So Obama says The Senate is “intimidated”? I say they listened to the many and not the few. 90% my a**!! (this is RedState you know)

And what about the Senators (some of them Democrats) who voted against the expanded background checks bill? This bill that by everyone’s conclusion would not have stopped any of the recent shootings at Sandy Hook or Aurora or anywhere else for that matter? Obama said because of the “continuing distortion of Senate rules, a minority was able to block it from moving forward.” Yo – Barack – at least they read the bill! It’s pretty amazing at how thin skinned our President is. He is definitely not used to not getting his way. We need to keep this trend up.

The bottom line is I trust my friends and neighbors far more with guns than I do left-wing politicians, bodyguards of celebrities, the ATF, socialists and the Marxists. Keeping our Second Amendment rights absolutely trumps all other rights, because without it, we risk losing all. In fact, the Second Amendment also protects my right to fantasize about what I would do if I was at one of these mass shootings with my gun and how different things would turn out.

Second of all, why aren’t we trying to outlaw bombs?… oh, yeah. It’s interesting to note that after the attacks in Boston, we blame the bomber, not the Crockpot, so why is anyone going after guns and not the shooters?

Hey Mr. President: Don’t blame the NRA. Don’t blame the gun lobby. Blame us, the citizens of this country who wrote our representatives in DC to oppose your attempt to dilute the Bill Of Rights. It would seem that the country trusts groups who are fighting for our Constitutional rights, rather that politicians who would gladly take them away. The NRA simply said that the background check amendment “would have criminalized certain private transfers of firearms between honest citizens, requiring lifelong friends, neighbors and some family members to get federal government permission to exercise a fundamental right or face prosecution.”

I have some news for the President and all politicians regarding the right to bear arms and what happens when despots take those rights away: A crazy person may shoot 5-25 people unless a sane person is there with a gun to stop them. Governments, on the other hand – particularly the progressive/socialist/left-wing type, kill 100’s of millions after taking guns from it’s citizenry. Get a history book and spend some time thinking about the big picture. Or perhaps they have already?

And lastly, on a personal note: For our President to use the families of the Newton massacre or Gabby Giffords or any other victim of a maniac with a gun or a bomb or a knife or whatever, is repulsive. Barack Obama and the anti-gun forces are reprehensible when it come to the sales-job they try to put over Americans. While he and the rest of government are protected by guns, we only want the same and have the God-given, Constitutional right to keep it that way.

Obama lost and America won!

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