Gun Control coming to America

Dear Joe Biden;

Not coming for our guns? The ‘Black Helicopter people’ are just paranoid? Nothing to see here – just some “reasonable” gun control coming down from on high? We shouldn’t worry about the Obama Administration “swooping down” on us?

Let me tell you something, Mr. Vice President: You’ll never be President. You’ll never be more than a joke on America, because that’s what Barack Obama does. He puts people in positions who are nothing more than lapdogs for his agenda and will do nothing more than help him ram it through. But you’re right about one thing Joe – you’re not going to be swooping down to get anyone’s guns anytime soon, because it is tyranny such as the goals of this Administration which the Founding Fathers warned us about when they wrote The Second Amendment into the Bill of Rights.

Directly after the Right to Free Speech came the Right to Bear Arms, friendo.

The Second Amendment does not compel you to purchase or own a weapon. It does not guarantee the privilege of quail hunting, nor does it bestow on us the freedom to take our sons and daughters target shooting. The Second Amendment was to provide a firewall against a government of tyrants who would otherwise subjugate us.

Guns are for hunting despots, Mr. Biden – not pheasants. And stripping away any part of the Second Amendment is an act of treason by all politicians who are entrusted to uphold The Constitution above all else.

I saw your little speech, deriding us folks who are concerned we may be losing part of our liberty. I heard your code words, your backhanded put-downs, and watched you look down your nose at us. You may think it’s something to giggle about Uncle Joe, but we’re not laughing.

We now live in a world where suddenly, Congress people from both sides of the aisle think they can go behind closed doors, work out “a deal” and then vote on amending The Constitution. It’s against the law for them to do that, Mr. Vice-president, because you need the States and the people through their representatives in order to strip away or add anything to our Constitution and that includes the Bill of Rights.

All ten of them, not just the ones that float your boat.

It’s Marxist 101, Mr. Biden. You and Barack Obama along with your cronies in the media are the Cloward–Piven strategy personified. It wasn’t very fashionable to say that when your ticket was elected in 2008, and those who did were dismissed as paranoid and sore losers for a long time. But the President, along with Democrats in Congress and collectivists in the media has let the closet door creak open.

Any discerning citizen can see for themselves that this is a three-legged stool of oppression whose goals are to “fundamentally transform” this nation from one of liberty and individual freedom to one dominated by The State. You and your ilk, Mr. Biden, have become emboldened. When the light comes on, the cockroaches are no longer scrambling into the cracks – they’re looking right into the camera and spewing Marxist doctrine, railing against Capitalism and convincing large swaths of ignorant voters that conservatism is a disease in need of a cure.

You heard it the other day – loud and clear by way of NBC: “Your kids don’t belong to you. They belong to the community…:” My God, it’s like a bad movie, yet it’s happening. Need some more? Here you go:

One of the provisions in the Toomey-Manchin gun control proposal about to be voted on may contain a provision allowing doctors to place people receiving mental health on the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) without the patient’s knowledge. If that sounds familiar, it’s probably because you read about this type of strategy in The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich or any number of WWII history books.

Doctors will now be tasked with deciding which patients should go on the list of people who are too crazy to own a gun. What is wrong with that? First of all, the opportunity for activism on the part of health providers will be like the Wild West. In comes a patient you disagree with politically – on the list they go. Next patient is devoutly religious – on the list they go. The next one attended a Tea Party rally? … Well, you’re on the list twice. But the folks who will really be having a field day are…. drum roll please: Trial lawyers.

What happens to a doctor who doesn’t put you on the list, then you go out and shoot up a gun-free zone? Damages and malpractice for starters. As if doctors don’t have enough problems with volumes of crazy and frivolous litigation, now they have to worry about which patient coming through their doors might commit crime in the future? Soon enough, doctors will be erring on the side of caution, which means putting as many people on the list as possible and would you blame them? Now they have to worry about racking up years and a fortune in litigation, because some attorney sues them for not keeping guns away from that patient. Do I have to tell you what the effect on health-care costs will be?

While we’re here, let’s consider the patient for a moment. Someone who is thinking about seeing a doctor or therapist for a mental health issue might think twice if it’s going to land them on a government list, so less people will get help. Less will be treated. Less will get the cure they need. Imagine a woman with an abusive husband going in for therapy and getting put on the ‘too crazy to buy a gun for protection’ list? Joking or blowing off steam could surely land you on the list if your physician is in CYA mode. And they will be.

But like I said, this isn’t exactly new. Fascists and socialists throughout history have regularly used the health profession to discredit, silence or imprison their enemies. Now Barack Obama is using the health care system to disarm us.

First we were citizens, then we became voters, now we are subjects, and soon we will be dissidents. But the line is being drawn Mr. VP and it ends right here and right now. I know you think about being the next President, but you’ll never be President and when Hillary, Bill, Barack and Michelle are in private, they have a good chuckle over it, trust me…

Oh, and one last thing, Mr. Biden:

This isn’t some babbling, fanatical hayseed as you portray conservative, freedom-loving people as being. This isn’t a mealy-mouthed establishment Republican who caves at every turn because the press might call him names. This isn’t some wrinkly old media hack who tows the Obama line in order to keep their position in Washington. I am an American and I’m tired of your crap!  All of you.

Now who’s with me?

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