Tolerance for Everything (Except God)

Everyday I wake up and I’m told I’m supposed to be tolerant of values and behaviors I feel are not only bad for the long term health of our society, but some that run headfirst into my faith. Beliefs which clash with my beliefs. It reminds me of when I have to discipline my son by shutting down some of his fun – I’m always the bad guy.

Why are the people screaming about tolerance night and day some of the most intolerant folks involved in the discussion? Why am I not allowed to believe in the fundamental principles of my faith? Where is the tolerance? Here’s one: Let’s talk about the Elephant in the room: Gay. Homosexuality. Why are we as conservatives afraid to talk about this?

Most people know my view on homosexuality… I don’t much care for it. Not saying that everyone that practices it is a bad person, I just don’t care for their actions. This is a statement, stance and philosophy which is NORMAL, with no hate involved. It’s just how I feel. Some background on the evolution of homosexuality in America:

While being gay has been around forever, (here I go) it’s is not a normal thing for a man to look upon another man with lust in his eyes. Acceptance is one thing, but to label it as normal is where things begin to go south. A little background.

30 years ago we use to play a game called “smear the queer;” a game where whoever had the football got gang tackled. It was a normal. If you had the ball, you were the queer, because no one else had the ball, and having the ball made you odd or “queer” in that respect. Of course, you could throw the ball to another player and the pack would quickly turn to smear that queer, without regard to his or her sexuality, I might add. Queer, gay, homo, fag meant nothing having to do with what you were attracted to and no one committed suicide, got beat up or even called names in that regard. That was my experience.

Then, about ten years later, the media and the ever-tolerant Hollywood (not), began portraying homosexual (men) on television and film as the “Funny” one or the one you felt sorry for – just to get us used to the idea. C’mon – who didn’t laugh at Paul Lynde or Charles Nelson Reilly? And not until Ellen demanded her character come out of the closet (which she was summarily fired for) did gay characters litter the big and small screen alike, whether it was important or not. ( Just to go a little further with this point, Hollywood will put “gay” characters in tv show/movies that are not relevant to the plot. They try to portray this as “Normal” America. I can tell you right now, when I’m tossing the football with my son in front of the house, I have never seen 2 men hand in hand prancing down the street. You?)

But according to a Gallup poll, which reports that less than 5% of Americans consider themselves to be gay, homosexual, queer or whatever word you want to be known as, it’s not normal. What – you haven’t heard; “We’re Here, We’re Queer, Get Used to It”? If you can say the word – guess what – so can I. No double standards here right?

Gays want to get married but does anyone have tolerance for the views of the faithful, who believe marriage is between one man and one woman? It’s a definition, not a hate-filled viewpoint – but where’s the tolerance? Sorry, but two dudes can’t play mixed-doubles at Wimbledon – not out of bigotry – but from a simple definition. It’s one man and one woman – get used to it. You know what I want for gays? How about jobs? The right to bear arms?

You can call it whatever you want, and I’m thrilled that Barack Obama suddenly “evolved” on the issue, once the Chicago gang determined it would be better for the 2012 election (gays should be disgusted with this obvious condescension), where in 2008, it apparently paid to be anti-gay marriage. I don’t know which time Obama was lying, but it doesn’t change anything, sportsfans. Don’t tell me gay marriage won’t open the door to other aberrations of marriage, because lawyers are chomping at the bit to get into court with their three clients, pets and who knows what else, suing for the right to get married. And why shouldn’t they? Without a definition, you have nothing.

Policies from our meddling Federal Government have done everything they can do to destroy the family structure in America and squelch Christian’s values. Welfare, in the form of food stamps and monthly checks issued with no responsibility whatsoever, not only encourage single parenting – actually requires there be no man involved. We know this to be true, but will liberals admit it and help to change it? Of course not, because crack-heads, strippers and government dependents tend to vote Democrat. I need more stuff – give me more stuff.

The final destruction and/or perversion of the definition of marriage is next.

Marriage is the cornerstone for a solid society and destroying it destroys us all. You don’t have to look at crime rates and stats about strippers who come from families without a father and mother to know what’s going on. Just look around you – who’s doing better, the people who grew up in traditional families or the ones breaking into your house, smoking crack or taking dollar bills from strangers, gawking at their nude body?

When are you going to take a stand to stop the slide down the sewer? I will stand firm against the arrows and accusations that will be thrown my way for speaking my mind. I will not bow to pressure from media, political hysteria or Hollywood. You’ll never convince me this is a hateful article, because it’s not and further, I believe it reflects what most Americans think, but are now forced to be silent for fear of encountering politically- correct hate-mongers, being discriminated against in public – or worse – being ostracized and endangering their very livelihoods.

I will stand with GOD, what will you do?

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