Liberals are the Cool Parents


Remember when you were younger, there was a kid in the neighborhood who had a “cool mom”? You and your friends could get away with murder when you were at her house. When you wanted junk food, you got it. When you wanted to stay up late, you got it. If you caused trouble, it wasn’t your fault and you weren’t held responsible.

How did life work out for that kid? My buddy Tim was the kid on the block with cool parents and now he lives downtown in a shelter and spends his welfare check on alcohol and drugs. Tim has a plate in his head from a stupid high school stunt, and puts his decent education to work only when it comes to scamming the man. It occurred to me that modern Liberals are a lot like “cool moms”. Consider this:

A liberal and a conservative are in a car and see a disheveled, poor soul in legitimate need of aid, holding a sign; “Will Work For Food” at the end of the off-ramp.  So who is more apt to give this genuinely hurting fellow human being some money? You say the liberal, of course – and if a contemporary journalist was on the beat – the headline would identify the liberal as the caring one, the one who did some good.

So who was it that benefitted? You say the man with the sign, of course – but you’re wrong. In fact, the only person deriving any value, any pleasure, any good at all is the liberal do-gooder. They can just ride on, brag of their kindness all day, joyfully sneer at the callous conservative, and retell the tale at home, at work, even at the hearing to raise taxes… Yes! The liberal collects an ego full of warm fuzzies – yet they actually hurt the miserable beggar by paying them to stay miserable.

When it comes to helping people, a Liberals’ actions, ideas, and solutions most often have an inherent conflict which leads to unintended consequences and inevitable failure. The problem is, liberals have never, and will never admit to failure because, well, they care, damnit!

I’m not against an aggressive and passionate effort to do battle with the important problems we face in American life; but when you find you’re only making things worse – please, stop. Sadly, in their morally superior world, when the good intentions result in disaster, liberals do one of three things:

1. Begin blaming everything and everyone for sabotaging their magnificent program
2. Claim that more (of other people’s) money is needed for the promised results, or;
3. In the clear face of irrefutable facts and evidence – pretend it’s going great!

Don’t forget, they are the good ones, with a divine charge to save and redeem. They are the benevolent, compassionate, sanctified souls who know what’s good for you. They are the liberals.

Here’s the problem: Their sh*t don’t work.

There are any number of these ongoing destructive experiments, but the one that scares me the most, is the “war on poverty.” It of course started with good intentions, but just like our sad sign-holder on the off-ramp, we’ve only managed to hurt people – entire generations of them – badly.  Trillions of free dollars has made life considerably worse for the poor in most cases. The facts on the ill-effects and abject failure of the war on poverty are incontrovertible, but liberals just keep swearing it’s because not enough Federal dollars are being spent on it, and conservatives keep trying to sabotage it.

So has anyone benefitted from welfare? The recipient who rather than working their way out of the ghetto, instead is being paid to stay there? The deprived, single moms who are married not to a man, not to a husband, not to a father – but the government? Kids who find structure, discipline, goals and a way to make a living only in gang life? No, the only people deriving any value at all from welfare are Liberals who promise more and more money to pay miserable people to stay miserable. Then they run around telling us about compassion and how much they care – “look at me, look at me, I’m good‼”…

Sorry do-gooder, but the Federal and State government is the problem. It’s my job as a husband, father, and as a man to take care of and protect my family. The government has done nothing but get in the way of me doing my job and in the inner-city the government has all but taken the place of the father. It practically encourages women to have no man present in order to keep the government mother’s milk flowing. Then what do they say? “Just vote for me and we’ll win this war on poverty yet. But until then, remember, you wouldn’t have all this without the benevolent, kind and caring Liberal…”

Let’s not forget the racist element here: Abortion rates for blacks are now three times higher than white women. It’s atrocious to everyone not on the payroll of Planned Parenthood. Anyone can look up the stats on how children of single-parent homes fare in education, incarceration and drug abuse. It’s disgraceful, yet somehow Barack Obama got re-elected? A man who promotes and promises more and more welfare, entitlement and dependency? Why and how can a liberal look at stone-cold facts about the relationship between welfare and misery and be okay with it? Because they’re cool.

Well there goes that uncaring conservative again…


Cross-posted at JoeForAmerica.com

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