Race Pimps

One of the most insidious types of bigotry is race-baiting, for a couple reasons: First, calling someone a racist when there is no element of racism present is really, really a nasty thing to do. In addition, the oppressing of dissent for fear one would be called a racist, and crying wolf whenever it suits the race pimps purpose, dilutes incidents of actual racism wherever it exists. Further, when race-baiters are given a platform and not challenged or scorned, their bigotry gets mainstreamed.

Race pimps such as Louis Farrakhan or Al Sharpton used to be treated as sideshows or spectacles at best, with the liberal media giving a wink and a nod to the audience that they know what bigots those two clowns are. But politeness and political correctness when it comes to race-baiting has now given way to full-blown acceptance of this tactic as a legitimate political weapon. Why? Because it works. Just ask any executives of companies who have become the focus of a Jesse Jackson race-baiting shake-down.

Those who dare stand up to the race pimp-daddy supreme find themselves on the wrong end of boycotts which cost much more than the coin Reverend Jackson demands they “donate” to his various entities. He’s in the skin color exploitation business, plain and simple.

But for decades, the Reverend Jackson has been able to operate pretty much without scrutiny because since he invented the sport, he knows how to stay under the radar – with an assist from the companies he rips-off, who don’t want any publicity at all. Shut up, pay the man, use the scam as a public relations opportunity for the company and hope the Reverend moves on. But now, race-baiting has gone mainstream and it’s not just for black leaders anymore. The white liberal is getting in on the action.

A funny meme making it’s way around Facebook is a picture of the Dos Eqquis “most interesting man in the world” guy with the caption: “I don’t always get called a racist, but when I do, I’ve just won an argument with a liberal…” Funny, right, but how true it is. In fact, it used to be you knew when the debate was over and your liberal opponent was beat when they called you a racist. But they’re not waiting for the debate anymore – they’re cutting right to the racist accusations from the get go.

John McCain, Senator, war-hero, and presidential candidate was called a racist the other day for daring to say he wouldn’t support Susan Rice’s nomination for Secretary of State if she was found to be less than honest regarding the Bengazi scandal where four Americans were killed. Senator McCain could very well be wrong in the end about Ms. Rice’s involvement in the incident and she certainly is more qualified than our present Secretary of State – but why would John McCain’s concern make him a racist? The answer is, because of her skin color.

Before a single question is posed to Susan Rice about who told her what, why and when – anyone who says anything regarding her involvement has been deemed to be racist, not by the Reverend Al, not by Louis Farakhan or even Spike Lee – but by representatives in the DNC, White House operatives and their mainstream media co-horts.

Race-pimping has now been elevated to talking points by the liberal establishment. Why? Because it detracts from the real issue of why Susan Rice pushed a useless and unknown video as the cause of terrorist attacks on Americans for a week, the question of why the White House would remove the real cause from CIA reports and to stop in their tracks anyone else who might take issue with Ms. Rice’s behavior.

… In other words, it works.