The Myth of Congress

We have a looming disaster hanging over this country, and most of the people who have caused this disastrous financial and cultural down-slide for America – Republicans and Democrats – remain in office. Look no further than the Vice-Presidential debate where we witnessed a career politician grinning and laughing through nearly the entire event. Even when Paul Ryan spoke of Americans being murdered in the Middle East, or Iran obtaining nuclear weapons, Vice-president Joe Biden smirked, grinned and chortled audibly, as to communicate the subject at hand was a non-starter or a waste of time. I wasn’t laughing. Were you?

But this is indicative of the type of “statesman” we have in office, who year after year, concern themselves primarily with extending their tenure, rather than focusing on what’s good for the country. Further, as the numbers of terms served begin to pile up for these arrogant and patronizing “leaders,” – surprise! – so do the financial perks. Tell me, how is it that a person of modest means goes to Washington and comes out a multi-millionaire? It’s no wonder that getting re-elected time and again is every bit a full-time occupation for a United States lawmaker.

In the past four years, has Barack Obama ever not been campaigning? The President hasn’t held a press conference in seven months and very rarely attends cabinet meetings – even if they concern U.S. security – at a time where we’re seeing the Middle East unravel on our televisions and Americans being murdered by terrorists. The Administration would rather debate it in the press, blame a YouTube video, or pass it off as a Republican talking point. This is more than ineptitude or plain being in over your head. To watch these Democrats and their surrogates blow off the murder of Navy Seals and a US Ambassador as bumps in the road is reprehensible.

Let’s say it – these career politicians are in it for themselves – and you simply cannot deny it any longer. They’ve become completely detached from their constituents and my opponent, Rep. Marcy Kaptur is a perfect example – a poster child – for what’s wrong with our Federal Government Representatives. She’s been in office nearly 30 years and is saying the same things she said when first running in the early 80’s. She claims that she wants to bring jobs and business to the people of Northern Ohio, but look around you – it’s all talk.

Marcy Kaptur is proof positive that knowing your way around Washington is not necessarily a good thing, but the myth that her and other members of the permanent ruling class want you to believe is that they are special – that they are uniquely qualified to do well by the people they represent. But face it – they haven’t been doing the right thing for a very long time and now we’ve reached a critical point where our country is losing strength, jobs, our position of power and the respect in the world which we’ve fought for so hard for decades to attain.

Marcy Kaptur, her campaign and her willing friends in the press will tell you I’m not a serious candidate because; “Joe’s not a politician.” Darn right I’m not — and proud of it. And how are things going with these elite and oh, so special “politicians” in charge? Look around and ask yourself if their skill as a Washington insider is doing anything for you or your family?

Establishment politicians like Marcy Kaptur want you to believe that being a Congressman is so demanding, so complex, and such a difficult undertaking that it is only they who can wave their wands and save us common people from the byzantine task of ruling over us. Praise the Ivy League educated and connected class of higher life form. Without their skill, generosity and selfless service to humanity, we lowly citizens surely could not survive.

As Joe Biden would say; “Malarky!” Don’t believe it. They are not that impressive a group, trust me. You saw it on display in Joe Biden’s childish behavior and disrespect toward his office and his opponent. They are not smarter than you and the idea that career politicians are looking out for you is a myth, and it’s one that needs to be blown out of the water before things will really change for the better.

They’re not smarter than you. It’s a myth.