US Senate 2010 Election Projections- DEM 52 GOP 46 TIE 2

election 2010 senate us 1/29
I am going to attempt to update this every 2-3 days as polling data trickles in.

Much has been said on a few blogs about the poll showing a lead for pumpkinhead in Wisconsin if he so chose to challenge Feingold. As he is undeclared, I am not changing the status until either an existing GOP contender polls close, or Tommy Boy actually jumps in.

We have another hypothetical poll as well: Washington state. Even Murray cannot seem to avoid some potential trouble in November, though the match-up proposed against Rossi is iffy at best (like the ballots they “found” costing him the gubernatorial election in 2004). Still, to reflect an ever going trend of Democratic vulnerability, the Washington Senate seat moves down just a tick in the Democrat’s column.

I propose we may even see a similar trend out of Schumer’s in New York if PPP/Rasmussen/Sienna/SurveyUSA/etc bothered to do a poll there.

Currently the only Democratic/Democratic-siding seats that are a lock are:

Maryland, New York (Schumer), Oregon, Hawaii, Vermont and Connecticut.