US Senate 2010 Election Projection-1/27-Dem 52 GOP 46 Tie 2

Figured I would update if and when we had any new polling for Indiana, and lo and behold, Bayh isn’t so untouchable anymore. While Pence has dropped out, Hostettler polls now within the margin of error and thus this seat is now BARELY Democratic. More polling out of Pennsylvania courtesy of Franklin  & Marshall shows Specters ridiculous decision to abandon the GOP last year won’t save him from a November booting- in LIKELY voters, he is getting crushed by Toomey, whom he was beating handily just six months ago.

We should expect more polling from Missouri and Illinois, and perhaps some hypothetical match-ups out of Washington and Wisconsin soon. By the way, Missouri based on the latest poll would show Blunt and thus the GOP ahead (Rasmussen pegged him beating Carnahan by 6 last week), however as this is the ONLY poll showing a significant lead for the GOP (and all other recent polls still show Carnahan with a 1-3 pt lead), I will leave it as a TIE until we get some verification from another pollster.

By the way, where the heck is Survey USA?