The sperm+egg solution to the recession.

Yes, thats right. Its the easiest way to jumpstart the entire economy, and its a “jumpstart” that will continue to put HUGE demands on the economy (retail, housing, transportation, health and human services, warehousing, etc).

A baby boom. and I mean boom. Think about the demand that would be forced on our economy if within 9-24 months we added 20-30 million newborns. Babies become toddlers which become children which become teenagers which become…you get the picture. At each and every stage these exaggerated zygotes demand clothing, medicine, entertainment, food, etc etc etc. We came out of WW2 with a brief jump in unemployment- what are all those people coming home from the war going to do in the factories etc if were no longer making tank after tank? The baby boom itself led to a massive economic boom and demand on virtually every economy sector.

The best part is we dont need to wait 9 months for the economic boom to start…word of the massive jump in pregnancy rates will send retailers and their suppliers scrambling to be at the ready to meet the demand…those currently idle workers and underworked warehouses will see a (recently) unprecedented jump in the need for labor to fill the demands. We could easily save or add 3.5-4 million jobs within a year, without blowing money on resodding a government building.

Some groundrules of course- we dont NEED goverment “baby making checks” to get things going, though im sure those Dems will be whining about the poor mothers just trying to help (heck if we toss a few billion at them its nothing compared to the hundreds of billions they need to dig ditches and fill them back in while paving new roads to nowhere).

The beautiful thing is reproductive freedom we have in our country. Not just the ridiculous choice to terminate life…but to make it…lots of it. No government agency can tell us we cant do this, and whats the WORST that can happen? We may end up with a generation of ungrateful ingrates too self centered to realize what weve done for them, but hell, weve already had that- theyre called Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and my current generation. So whats another goofy group of Americans with their own worries and wills?

Trojan might see a temporary drop in profits, but theyll find a way to make up for it…